Saturday, December 29, 2012

It can't be.....

I can't believe it's been that long since I posted anything on "my blog"!!!  It's not like I haven't been working on anything or doing something?!!!  Hmmm - maybe I fell asleep for a month!

Anyway - I did want to share my latest project - soon to be a pattern and a kit at Cock-A-Doodle Quilts.

Sometimes it's a fabric that inspires the design and in this case that was exactly what happened.  These little sheep had been living in the store for awhile and could not find a place to go so I thought I would find them a home - so here they are frolicking in between pink sashings and white cornerstones -
 As you can see they are cute little things and I've marked the quilt squares with hearts to quilt.......
 I managed to layer and pin this afternoon, yes pin!  Okay - you want to know why I don't spray baste a small quilt like this - the quilt measures around 42" x 48".  I have used spray baste in the past for small quilts but honestly I don't feel I have control of all three layers when I spray baste.  With pinning I am able to manipulate all three layers or if necessary one layer at a time to make sure there is no bunching on the back of the quilt.  I find once it's sprayed it is hard to move the fabrics when they or if they start to bunch!  May be just me but I feel more in control this way....
 I have also picked out some really cool variagated Mettler thread - 4820-9912 which appears to be a pink - white - grey/green and should look awesome on the quilt......
Now if I can keep my eyes open when I get home I may get started on the quilting tonight.  That would be nice.

I had three days off this week and all I did was sleep and read and sleep and knit and sleep and get the picture!  I know I needed it and finally I am no longer suffering from chronic sciatica but I really feel like I accomplished nothing so on Thursday night when I came home and whipped this little baby quilt up I had to wonder why I can't be more like that more often!  Not too sure what the answer is there except that my energy levels appear to be very sporadic!

Looking forward to tomorrow (day-off) and Tuesday (day-off) and I'm putting no pressure on myself to get anything done!  Work at my own pace and take it slow - slow and steady win the race!  Oh forget it!  Seriously - would like a hit of adrenaline about twice a day to get everything done that is on my mind (or list) each day!

Okay - off to get another coffee (doesn't help) and then home!

Have a great day everyone!