Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Yes, I make lists!  I am one of those people who is guilty of making "To Do" lists.  I love lists.  No, I hate lists.  There are definitely pros and cons to lists.  The pro is - you know what needs to be done and when you want to do it.  The con is - if you don't get it done you have to leave it on the list and you feel like you've failed.  For a while I stopped the lists.  I was able to just go about my day, getting things done or not getting things done, but then my yearly calendar ended.  I do like to have a calendar to refer to so I went online and found a blank calendar page I liked and printed it out.  Well that did it - WOW - I thought - I could copy out two pages for each month, one for my quilting and one for my random day calendar.  I could make a list of all the stuff I wanted to get done and of course the calendar page came with a side bar for Things To Do.....I'm sunk now because I can actually set goals for each month - this is bad, really bad!  

In my case, one of the cons is I try to over-achieve, get more done on the list than is actually on the list....when I don't, I feel like I did nothing all day....What can I say, I have high expectations of myself.

So February started out with my list - based on Jonathan's work schedule I know which days I'm "hand" sewing or "machine" sewing.  

The Blitz!
I had 8 blocks to complete as of January 31st - so Saturday I started!  First, I chose all the fabrics for the 8 blocks and then I marked them with the templates and finally I cut them all.  In addition I managed to piece 3 blocks.....
 Block # 82 - Spider Legs - 37 pieces

 Block #110 - Wood Lily - 57 pieces

Block #96 - Tulip - 14 pieces

I also began piecing the last three rows, 11, 10 and 9.  As I completed the blocks needed for the rows I added it to the rows.
Rows 9, 10 and 11 started.

I probably would have kept going but enough was enough and I had Sunday to work on my hand piecing as well.  Sunday turned out to be pretty productive as well and I was way ahead on my list (over-achiever!).  Sunday I pieced another 2 blocks and managed to complete Row 9.
 Block #94 - Tall Pine Tree - 20 pieces

 Block # 104 - Wild Geese - 32 pieces

Row # 9 completed.

Yesterday was a whole other story.  Jonathan was working so I could machine piece.  I did start working on my backing for the panel quilt but really didn't get much done and today was the same - so much for lists!!!  Weird - I just couldn't get my heart into it - too much fiddling and measuring, etc....I guess, but I did get it started.

Last night I stopped early to watch TV in the bedroom so I could get back to my Farmer's Wife - now I am obsessed..... I got another block done and Row 10 is also completed....
 Block #77 - Seasons - 9 pieces

Row 10 completed.

I have one block left to piece - 1 row left to complete and 3 rows to add on to the rest of the quilt top, then the borders and backing and off to Sandy to be basted.  I am now completely obsessed with completing this project......

So much for lists - this was not supposed to be done until some time near the end of next week.  Now if I can only move this motivation onto those backings I have to do I will really be way ahead of the game!  We'll see what I get done tonight - the night is still young.....

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. Joanne - lists are just the best thing in the whole world!!!!!! congrats on near completion of Farmer's Wife. that is so cool. and we may have to make a deal - you do the rose kit (I'll quilt it for you) and relieve you of your scraps!!!!! Better hurry so I can finish my scrap quilt that I started with the scraps I have left over!!!!!