Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Where does it go?  It seems to be my "theme" this month.  I have a small project at the store that I have been trying to finish for a customer this month and I just can't seem to get to it.  There always seems to be something else that has to get done first.....

I was seriously thinking of not opening the store today as the weather was really getting bad this morning but I realized that I had placed and was expecting an order to come in and if I didn't make it in, the order would come and I would have to track it down at UPS. Weighing my options - I decided to brave the weather which turned out to be just irritatingly slushy, rather than brave chasing down a UPS order.

Turns out, only one customer came in so I got lots done but not nearly what I thought I would.  How do you gauge how much time it takes to do something!  It's like when I'm quilting - I finish the top and all I have left is the borders!  Funny how long it takes to put on the borders!  I don't think I've ever gotten that right....

There has to be a secret!  I make lists and allocate time for each task I have to do.  I even add a little extra for those unexpected snags but, although some projects go exactly as planned - there is always the one that sets you back.

Yesterday I was working on some accounting (government stuff) which definitely had to balance and of course it didn't!  Took me an extra 2 hours to find a really stupid mistake!

I'm going to spend the evening drooling over quilts and quilting blogs and stuff, and maybe make another list of "Things to Do" because that much hasn't changed at all!

If you have any secrets on how to get it all done - please share!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013


What have I started????

This past Thursday evening was Scrapaholics/Stashbusters Club and I brought in my "scrap basket".  I'm not sure that that's all there is but it was certainly enough to get started with. 

Last weekend was my Birthday Retreat and I was inspired bu Chris O. who has all of her scraps organized so that she can actually work on many, many projects at a time.  Also, of late, I have been motivated by the Bonnie Hunter books available - String Fling and Adventures with Leaders and Enders.

I decided that Thursday nights class/club would focus on organizing scraps.  I had no idea that many of you already do this and was thrilled to get some more good tips.   

 The above picture shows the beginnings of my organization project.  From right to left, I have strips in similar sizes, above these piles are pre-cut blocks in the same sizes and the large pile to the far left are large pieces and strips of fabric that either need to go back into the stash if they are large enough or be cut up into strips or blocks for future use.  Now that I've got a start on this, I will press the strips and put them into "shoe boxes", the see-through kind and label them as to what they are so future projects can be made from them.
The above picture is what is left in my scrap basket that still has to be sorted.  I have decided, since time is a premium for me, that I will devote 1 hour a day to this until it is done.  Half the time to be spent pressing and putting away the strips - which will be "filed" by colour and value and the other half sorting through the rest of the scrap basket.  At this point it looks like I have salvaged all the strips and am now looking at mostly small pieces of fabric - i.e. blocks, triangles, etc.  Once all of this is sorted I will decide on my future projects.

I think one of the most fun portions of this excercise for me was remembering which quilts each of the scraps came from.  Some of them date back to the very beginning and if I'm not mistaken there are still a few piles of "scraps" at home that can be added to these to actually make complete projects....

As a quilt store owner, I have to say, it is hard to sell fabric this way.  But, I look at it another way.  I will still need borders, bindings and backings to complete these "scrap" quilts as will you so in fact - there is still a market out there for fabric......

If I have a little time tomorrow (the girls are coming from Barrie so I may have a few moments after lunch), I will show you one of the projects I have in mind.  I'm excited about it because it is my "own" idea and I think it will be really nice.  Possibly a quilt for Healing Heroes. 

For now - I have to get to the books!  Plus, I have some studying to do - I received the template for our new shopping cart/website so I have to hone up on my virtually non-existent computer skills.

Have a great day everyone!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

More, more, more.....

As I mentioned on Thursday, I needed to stitch.  It is where I go mentally when I need to think or not think, depending on the project.  It relaxes me when I have mindless stitching  to do and it fills my mind when I have to think about what I am doing....either way, it's great therapy.

I went home Thursday night and decided to "skip" that hard block I was having trouble with and move on to something I could enjoy.  Block #48 - Homeward Bound, is done.

Block 48 - Homeward Bound

I feel this great sense of accomplishment every time another block goes into the book completed.  I can't believe I let this project sit idle for so long - I'm enjoying it immensely.  I believe I dropped the ball in 2011, although I did do a lot of cutting back then and am reaping the rewards of that work by just sitting down to stitch the blocks that have already been cut.  Once I started chemo-therapy I develop neuropathy in my hands and feet and was unable to feel my fingers for quite some time.  My fingers are now much better and I believe my feet are also improving but it has been a long road.  At the rate I am stitching I will have to soon start cutting again - no complaints, it is progress in a good way.

Last night was a whole other accomplishment.  I did not get to work on the Farmer's Wife - I worked on the Urbans.  When I taught the two classes last week I started a new Urban Pods and also an Urban Nine Patch.  I needed to calculate how much fabric was still needed to complete these two quilt tops as well as start the Urban Holiday quilt.  Since we close at 8:00 P.M. on Fridays I decided it would be a good evening to spend cutting and counting and it worked out great.  So expect to see some completed tops in the very near future.

I really am happiest when I'm busy.....speaking of which, an e-mail to all of my fabulous customers to go out about February's Calendar and I know there's some other stuff I need to get done paperwork wise and then MORE STITCHING!!!!!

Have a great day everyone!