Sunday, November 20, 2011

I think.....

it's been quite a week!  Lots of cooking and I finally got back to doing some quilting tonight.  It's hard to keep on top of everything, the store, the house and everything else I have to do!
I'm getting used to it but it's such a change from the last few months.....

Trying to take it slow, but in all honesty I had to jump right in and start getting things done!  It's very important to get back in control of my life.....

On the plus side I'm happy to report I am thrilled with Lithia Park, I got the 4 centre blocks done tonight and I just love it!!!!  This one's going to be my quilt!

I think I'll be working on this one for the next few weeks!  I really have Nancy, Barb and Laurissa to thank for this one....I honestly believed that I would never get this done until I found those Paper Pieces!

Join me this coming weekend at the Cock A Doodle Quilt Retreat - starts Thursday and ends Sunday - you can come 1, 2, 3 or all 4 days!  The e-mail went out tonight - it's going to be a blast!

Have a great day everyone!


Friday, November 18, 2011

It's been a rough ride.....

The surgery went very well and I rested!  I took 5 weeks and the great news is.........I got a clean bill of health from the oncologist last week!

I also started cleaning the house finally!!!  I know that sounds funny but for the past 10 months, since we moved into the townhouse I have been in such bad physical shape that it just didn't get done.  Jonathan did try his best to keep it somewhat clean but we all know - it's never the way you would do it yourself, especially the kitchen.  I came downstairs one day and found this!

 By the evening - with much rest in between tasks, I turned it back into this!
Still a couple of items in the sink but they went pretty quickly to their "homes"!  The dishwasher was run twice that day!
 It was well worth the effort and it's pretty much stayed this clean for the past two weeks, just have to keep it up!
Of course, that was only the beginning, the next day I tackled my little home office right off the kitchen.......started with this!  The floor had become storage for everything......
 It took a whole day also but in the end was worth it and I now am pretty much organized so I can just sit down and do what I have to do......
 .....or I can just hang out in my chair and do some hand work.....which is actually quite nice to do....
Of course, when I became ill, all decorating of the house came to an abrupt halt!  So now I hope to slowly get back to moving's been a long, rough year!  I'm truly hoping things will settle down and that I can stay here for awhile.....

As of last week I am back at the store on a regular basis!  Back to cooking up a storm and enjoying all of my customers' visits!

This morning I made my Apple Cake recipe because tonight is Sit & Sew!  I'm planning Roast Chicken (stuffed of course) with Green Beans & Mushrooms, Potatoes (still haven't made up my mind whether to do roast or mashed - maybe both LOL) and Cranberry Sauce  and home-made Dinner Rolls (gotta go make the dough now!)

I have been working hard on Lithia Park because it's so portable - I just pack it up and off I go, the store, the doctor's office - pretty much anywhere I can weild a needle.

I've set myself up in my room so I can sit and stitch while I watch TV - all my favourite hand sewing tools and I've managed to get all of the petals for the large flowers done and am working on finishing the leaves now.....

So now I have to be true to my word and start getting all those UFO's done that I told the doctor I needed to finish when I got sick!!!!  Lithia Park qualifies as a UFO because I started it almost 2 years ago!  I was using another "product" we carry in the store to do the diamonds and found it a very frustrating task.  About a month ago I ordered foundation pieces from Paper Pieces for the store and once I started using those, it was a breeze!
Nancy, Barb and Laurissa swear by them, they just love them and I have to admit I am hooked too! 

So this evening while the girls are working away I will be English Paper Piecing my diamonds - I haven't got much left to do, the 4 small flowers for the corner blocks and about 5 or 6 leaves - then I can piece the blocks!  As usual I get so excited when a project progresses and I can't wait to get the top done!

Have a great day everyone!