Monday, February 17, 2014

Ode to Liz!

I have been writing this blog addition for more than a week in my mind!  My body however, has not been co-operating so I could not get to the computer to actually compose it....takes a while for me to recuperate from my infrequent outings.

Liz has been my strength for the past 9 months!  I don't know how else to say it!  She has been by my side, egging me on, making me smile on my bad days and has made most of my good days happen.  She is amazing!  If you know her than you already know that about her.  It is not only me - it is everyone who's life she touches.  

She makes me want to keep on keeping on, even when I am at the lowest of my lows. She puts up with my complaining and bitching and she always finds a way to make me smile. Sometimes it's just a word and sometimes it's a package of Oreo's but is always.  If I don't call the doctor when I'm supposed to, then she does. 

Needless to say, when my 60th Birthday was approaching, it was Liz who insisted that we celebrate.  Yes, I know it's a slight milestone in one's life but I wasn't so sure I wanted to do anything.  She suggested, and then insisted, that we have something and so a party was planned.  It was an afternoon affair, at her home (where else?!?!) with most of my favourite people in attendance....and it was a complete success!  Suffice it to say - it was one of my best days and certainly one of my best memories.  It was such a success that it took me days to recuperate.....and every moment was worth it!!!!

The table was set with all my favourites - a beautiful watermelon carved by Gillian and filled with loads of fresh fruit.  A chocolate cake and my absolute favourite - a white cake with lemon filling and coconut icing......
She put out the best China and did a gorgeous floral arrangement
My favourite - pink roses

I gave strict instructions that there were to be no gifts, this was just a get together with my dearest friends.  There was a lovely box at the front door for cards and needless to say my friends know how to hide gifts in cards.....why am I not surprised!  It may take some time before I get around to writing out all the Thank You notes so I will say thank you here and know that you are all in my thoughts.....

I even let Liz take a few pictures of me - something I truly hate as I am not at my best even on my best days and that was definitely one of my better days.  It was definitely not a "good hair" day!!! 
 About to get rid of some hot air....blowing out the candles
 I almost made the two cakes at once......a lot of hot air
But, I finally had to blow out the 60 on it's own....

It was an amazing day and I enjoyed every moment of it!  When Liz drove me home that evening, admittedly, I went straight to bed and slept for 3 days but every moment with friends was worth every moment I needed to rest......

I even brought Show & Share - it was wonderful showing of The Farmers Wife, especially to the people who have been following the piecing of each and every block.  I began this quilt January 19th, 2010 and I completed the top on February 7th, also has two borders already on - the other two to be added (today I hope!)....and luckily there were two people tall enough to hold it up - thank you Cindy and Linda.....
 I am thrilled to be able to show this off.....
This is definitely my "heirloom" quilt....

I had hoped to have the borders and backing done so I could just give it to Sandy that Sunday but I just didn't have enough energy to get it done.  It wasn't an issue at all because she was on her way to Costa Rica for vacation within the next two days so I would have had to wait for it anyway but I can't wait to have it ready to quilt.  I am really looking forward to quilting it by hand.....

This quilt was really a labour of love!  Every block I pieced, every fabric I chose, it was all thought out carefully and I hope that once it is quilted I will have done the original quilt justice.  My hand quilting is not the best but I will try very hard to make it something I can be proud of along with the label which will be very informative.......

In closing - I want to say - Thank You to everyone for coming on Sunday - it was so fabulous to see all of you!  Thank you for all the thoughtful cards and gifts and know that it was one of the best days I've had in a very, very long time.  Mostly - I would like to thank Liz for being Liz - you are the best, ever!!!!

Have a great day everyone!



  1. Happy 60th Jo Ann, a great way to celebrate! Love your finished quilt can't wait to see what Sandy Does with it!!

  2. Happy birthday to you. Wonderful to see the Farmer's Wife top completed, you did a magnificent job.
    Hope to see you soon, keep up the good fight

  3. What a great friend you have in Liz! Everyone should have a least one like her. Happy birthday, here's to many, many more! I'm sure the party was worth the 3 days of rest afterwards. Your quilt top looks great, it makes me want to start on my Dear Jane but I haven't even thought about colours yet.

  4. Debra - All Sandy gets to do with it is baste it! I'm quilting this one by hand!