Friday, April 25, 2014


Let me say, Happy Valentine's Day (missed it), Happy St. Patrick's Day (missed it) and Happy Easter/Passover (just missed it!)....  Okay, now we're up to date.  I have been a bit "under the weather" the last couple of months and it's been extremely difficult for me to sit in front of the computer so I've pretty much been out of cyber touch.  I don't really go on the computer much at all so I'm behind with e-mail, facebook and of course, the blog. I couldn't, for some unknown reason, even use the laptop to blog.  I believe I may have figured that little problem out as I am using the laptop now.

After that amazing birthday party that Liz hosted I decided to start chemo again.  I managed to get through two treatments before I became so sick that I just couldn't keep it up, so, as of now I am no longer doing chemo.  Unfortunately, the treatments do not seem to be doing anything besides making me sick and after close to a year of constant treatments (three bouts of chemo and one bout of radiation) I decided I really needed a break.  Whether or not I will commence treatments at a later date has yet to be decided. At the moment I am just taking each day as it comes - enjoying the "good" ones and trying to ignore the bad ones.

What I am enjoying is being able to get back to doing a bit of quilting.  I am finally engrossed in my "Top Secret" project which hopefully I will complete in the next week or two.  I've also managed, with a great deal of help from Liz and Mucie, to start sorting through all the "stuff" I've been hoarding and we have cleaned out the hall closet. Jonathan arranged for us to get a storage locker in the building so we now have all the boxes out of the house - finally.....

He had a friend from Vancouver come to visit the end of March and I was so lucky to have Gail and Cathie come and help me (they did all the work) clean most of the apartment.  I cannot believe how lucky I am to have friends like I do.  You cannot imagine how grateful I am for everyone's help and support.  The visit was a complete success and we've managed to keep the house relatively clean since.  It's certainly easier without all those boxes.  Now, if I can only get all those quilts done that are waiting in the wings I will be laughing......

I am still working on my Scrappy Flannel which I am "big stitching" by hand and Sandy (Lindal) has basted The Farmer's Wife which is waiting patiently in the wings to be hand quilted.  Liz and I sorted through all my threads to choose the colours and I'm just about ready to go.  I work on Jonathan's schedule so that we don't get in each others way. When he's working I am able to use the machines in the dining room so that's when I can get my piecing and quilting done.  When he's off I am usually doing hand work which I manage to do in my sitting area in the bedroom.  I have to say, we really lucked out with this apartment.  The larger of the two bedrooms is large enough for a decent seating area so I can sit and watch TV and do my hand work.  That frees up the living room for Jonathan to have the larger TV and also not have me underfoot.  So far it's working out quite well.

I guess that brings you all up to date and I would like to get some stitching done tonight as I am actually feeling up to it....I will try not to leave it too long before I blog again for those of you who keep up with what I'm up to.

Have a great day everyone!



  1. Jo-Ann you are always in my thoughts. I am sorry the chemo was so rough. Eat healthy stuff, get rest and know that there are many people out here cheering for you.
    Shannon Olden

  2. Jo Ann your blog will be in peace.