Saturday, February 2, 2013

More, more, more.....

As I mentioned on Thursday, I needed to stitch.  It is where I go mentally when I need to think or not think, depending on the project.  It relaxes me when I have mindless stitching  to do and it fills my mind when I have to think about what I am doing....either way, it's great therapy.

I went home Thursday night and decided to "skip" that hard block I was having trouble with and move on to something I could enjoy.  Block #48 - Homeward Bound, is done.

Block 48 - Homeward Bound

I feel this great sense of accomplishment every time another block goes into the book completed.  I can't believe I let this project sit idle for so long - I'm enjoying it immensely.  I believe I dropped the ball in 2011, although I did do a lot of cutting back then and am reaping the rewards of that work by just sitting down to stitch the blocks that have already been cut.  Once I started chemo-therapy I develop neuropathy in my hands and feet and was unable to feel my fingers for quite some time.  My fingers are now much better and I believe my feet are also improving but it has been a long road.  At the rate I am stitching I will have to soon start cutting again - no complaints, it is progress in a good way.

Last night was a whole other accomplishment.  I did not get to work on the Farmer's Wife - I worked on the Urbans.  When I taught the two classes last week I started a new Urban Pods and also an Urban Nine Patch.  I needed to calculate how much fabric was still needed to complete these two quilt tops as well as start the Urban Holiday quilt.  Since we close at 8:00 P.M. on Fridays I decided it would be a good evening to spend cutting and counting and it worked out great.  So expect to see some completed tops in the very near future.

I really am happiest when I'm busy.....speaking of which, an e-mail to all of my fabulous customers to go out about February's Calendar and I know there's some other stuff I need to get done paperwork wise and then MORE STITCHING!!!!!

Have a great day everyone!


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