Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It appears that I have dropped off the face of the earth for the past month!  I just updated the blog on Cock A Doodle and realized I hadn't been here for a while either.....didn't realize how long a while!

Today was my one day off - I get one per week and I relish it, usually, however, today I spent most of the day cleaning the house which has not been done properly in a long while.  Now, I wouldn't invite you all over to eat off the floors but for sure it's a huge improvement to what it was.  Now to do Jonathan's MOUND of laundry......because I couldn't stand living in a pig sty anymore or passing the room that looked like a pig sty every day I did the unthinkable and cleaned his room.

Guess I got lucky because his only complaint was that I put a dusty picture on top of his towel.....phew!!!!  Put it this way - it was more about organizing the room and moving the furniture into place rather than the middle of the room and getting everything (all the clothes) off the floor.

It feel great to accomplish even that little, when I think about the past year and how little energy I had to even sweep a floor!  I've come a long way baby!!!!

Speaking of "things to do" - I better get working on the newsletter for the store a.s.a.p. so I can  get it out to everyone.  We've got some great stuff coming up and I don't want to slow down those creative juices.....besides which I have another Mystery Quilt pattern to write and I'm finishing up a kit which needs to be cut, and, and, and.......it never ends!

I tell everyone that I quilt while I sleep - the only problem with that is that when I wake up there's nothing DONE!!!!!

So - I'm off to get SOMETHING DONE!!!!

Have a great day everyone!


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