Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm not sure.....

I'm really not sure I've gone this long without posting something since I started this blog?

Many of you are up to date as to what's been going on with me but I'll give you a quick update none the less, for those who don't actually know.  The last blog was posted on June 19th and it appears I was very, very busy.

About that time I started getting Angina attacks and exactly one week later at around 4:00 a.m. found myself on my way to Trillium by ambulance having a heart attack.  Long story short - an angioplasty was performed and one week later I was back at work.  The miracle of modern medicine for sure!  In retrospect I know I should have taken more time off but when you own your own business you sometimes have to make decisions that are not always in your own best interest!  I have fabulous friends (and customers) who certainly helped me get through the past few months especially when it came to any physical labour required.

Today is the anniversary of my mother's passing two years ago and I realized how much I miss her.  With everything that has happened over the past two years I have not had much time to grieve.  I've been thinking about her alot, wondering how she handled all the stresses of being in business and she certainly had her share.  It's funny how much you realize you forgot to ask when they were alive.....

It appears I really don't have much time to "feel sorry" for myself right now either!!!!  Maybe that's a good thing!  Getting ready for the big move (the store) and really looking forward to it, hoping it all goes according to plan!  Stress is never far away for me - should be my middle name but I take it easy now!

Rich and I decided, last minute, to go out for dinner tonight and ended up at Zet's for chicken souvlaki - nearly killed him (the garlic) but I absolutely love it!  Their tsaktziki sauce is to die for (it's what kills Rich)!  He has vowed never to go there again!!!!  I will certainly go back!  Liz had dropped by the store late this afternoon and I wasn't feeling so great so I promised I'd call her tonight -oops!!!  I hadn't checked in with Jonathan so when Liz called me to see how I was and I hadn't come home yet - they both got worried!  Jonathan tried calling Rich but he (Rich) didn't hear the cell phone so one thing led to another and Liz picked Jonathan up and came looking for me!!!  Boy did I get in trouble - but sure did open my eyes!  I have fabulous friends #1 and a pretty great kid!!!  ....and I will not do that again any time soon!!!!

After all was said and done I realized how scary that would have been for Jonathan.  I really will have to be more diligent about checking in!  Okay, had a little break from sleep here - could have been the garlic that woke me, but I need to get back to bed - Sit & Sew tomorrow.....

Have a great day everyone and I'll try to keep this blog a little more up to date....


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