Monday, June 3, 2013

Still obsessed!

Okay, I really have to make a list of my priorities vis a vis the "other" stuff that has to be done besides my current obsession with The Farmer's Wife.  That having been said, I continue to progress with lightening speed on these gorgeous blocks.....

I have 7 more blocks to show off which brings my total up to 49, almost halfway through the 111 blocks for this quilt....

My last group of 5 blocks is completed.  I was doing those in numerical order and completed the last 3 in that group....

Block # 19 - Checkerboard (25 pieces)

Block # 22 - Corn & Beans (44 pieces)

Block # 24 - Country Path (35 pieces)

That completed my 5 block group.  I then cut out some sashing pieces to add to my collection.  I now have 92 of 255.  Slowly the pile grows.

My next group of 5 blocks is for the next row to add to the completed quilt top,  I spent a day prepping, marking and cutting and then went crazy working on them - finished 4 yesterday and the 5th one today,  In the order that they will appear....

Block # 67 - Pine Tree (42 pieces)

Block #46 - Hill & Valley (16 pieces)

Block #88 - Star of Hope (18 pieces)

Block #98 - Waterwheel (28 pieces)

Block #68 - Postage Stamp (36 pieces)

I will now begin to construct the row adding sashing and cornerstones.  I will also add Block #11 - Broken Dishes (32 pieces) which was completed January 25, 2010, way back at the beginning of this project.  The last block on the row is number #33 which will be done in my next group of 5 blocks which still need to be prepped.

I am finding the hand piecing of these blocks very therapeutic and rewarding.  I look forward to the choosing of fabrics, the marking, the cutting and the piecing.  It takes my mind off of the daily stress and a great deal of the problems I am currently facing.  The problem is, I also have other projects and priorities that need to be addressed.  Tonight I came home and finally decided to get cracking on some of the machine work I need to do.  I was working on my 9 Patch Exchange before I got stuck into The Farmer's Wife, amongst other things.

I have found that when Jonathan is working, usually 2 days on and 2 days off, I can get a good deal of machine work done.  I need to take advantage of that time and get some of the big projects done.  Since he was working tonight I managed to get some of the machine applique done on one of my projects.  He's working again tomorrow night so I hope to continue that as well as work on Amish With A Twist.  You can see my progress on Amish at the

Have a great day everyone.


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