Saturday, August 10, 2013

I was determined...... post a blog today!  (yesterday)  Of course, nothing ever goes according to plan.  I finally had to break down and download Google Chrome in order for anything to work. Trust me, this is not a "new" computer so I have been hesitant about certain upgrades but it did the trick and that's really all that counts.

Had my second treatment on the 31st and as you can see I made it to the other side. Feeling relatively good some days, others not so much but I think better than last time. You know the old saying "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"!  You have no idea how I've come to hate that saying over the past few years.  I tend to look up to the heavens every once in a while and ask - "So, am I strong enough yet????"  At any rate - one day at a time is really how I'm getting through it.

The Farmer's Wife - 64 Blocks done!  Woohoo!!!!  I am now prepping the next five or ten or more....depends on the neuropathy in my fingers whether or not I can continue doing hand piecing.  Here are the last 3 I finished in the past couple of weeks....

 Block # 42 - Fruit Basket - 29 Pieces
 Block # 45 - Grape Basket - 29 Pieces
Block # 49 - Honeycomb - 24 Pieces

Not a lot done but it is progressing.  I found them a little tedious this time and I look around and see everything else that needs to be done.  Jonathan says I can't die because my bucket list is too long.....ha, ha!

Gillian came by a couple of weeks ago to take me on an outing (the week before my last chemo) and of course, she could not sit still so there we were on the patio and she started a major clean-up effort.  I should have taken a photo of the before but I really wasn't thinking....  Now I have this absolutely gorgeous place to sit and enjoy....
My view from over the hedge is the driveway and a lovely little park
This is the view as you walk in from outside - it's like having a front door

This is the view from the other side by the door

I wish I could sit out there all day but unfortunately I am sun sensitive with the chemo so my quiet times on the porch are reserved for the evenings.  It really is relaxing and I would love to have some plants out there but my thumb is not green.  My next door neighbour has that one covered, she has plastic flowers all over the place and little twinkly lights on her hedge....very pretty actually, if you don't know they are plastic.

I have been systematically going through all of the bags as I am looking for something in particular which I have yet to come across.  I was thinking I should make a list of all the projects I need to finish and at what stage they are.  (Which is why Jonathan says me bucket list is so long...)  Truthfully, I think that might be a bit scary.  At a quick glance I think that I average about 1 project per week since the store opened in 2006!!!!  It was November so you can only count maybe 2 projects for 2006 but seriously, do the math, pretty scary....  I need to come up with a different method!  Something that is not so overwhelming.  

At the moment I really can't set up the quilting area properly because of the boxes so there we are again.  The priority is getting those boxes sorted out.....

On that note, I think I will go plan a "box" strategy.

Have a great day everyone!



  1. you go girl. it is amazing that you are posting at all. your blocks are beautiful. get lots of rest. praying for a good recovery.

    shannon olden

  2. Joann I have another week before i go back to work. what could i do for you this week? i am not much of a cook but could bring you a sandwich and salad? do you need errands run? some housework? let me know please.
    email me ok?

    shannon olden