Wednesday, July 24, 2013


For some reason I thought I had posted a blog after the 12th.  Of course I could have been dilerious and come to think of it I would have had to be! It appears I blogged on the Friday after my chemo (day 2 post chemo) and that would be about the time I went comatose for close to a week.  The side effects are, to say the least, not pleasant.  I have been up and down for the past week as well, dizziness, tired, just trying to make the best of each day.  Whatever I accomplish is a huge accomplishment.  At this point in between treatments I can set minor goals for myself and try to get them done.  Some days it's fun, some days I bite off a little more than I can chew, but whatever I manage to accomplish I consider a bonus.

My oldest and dearest friend, Mucie (my sister from another mother) came by yesterday bearing bagels and cream cheese for lunch and enough energy to do two sink loads of dishes for me.  I was having an extremely dizzy day so that really helped me out.  I was then able to roast a chicken and make two banana breads!  I also managed to clean the bathtub and put down the non-skid strips Gillian kindly dropped off for me on Sunday while I was sleeping.  (Linda - did you finish the office reorganization yet?)
Mucie hamming it up for the camera in my kitchen

I have also managed to get some hand quilting done.  I continue to work on my Farmer's Wife because so far (luckily) the neuropathy is only affecting my feet.  Since chemo and despite my side effects I have managed to get 4 more blocks done - here they are....

 Block 43 - Garden Path
 Block 51 - Hovering Birds
 Block 37 - Flower Pot
Block 40 - Friendship Block

I managed to get a little done at a time and before I knew it I had 4 blocks done.  I also managed to add on another row to my "rapidly" growing quilt.  I don't have a picture as I haven't set up my "design wall" yet (the bed). 

I am really hoping to get some machine piecing done in the near future (before my next treatment, July 31).  I'm not sure which project I'm going to tackle so I'm holding back setting any goals here but there is still a load of paper work that has to be done and on the "good" days (hoping I have one tomorrow), I need to be concentrating on that.  I'm still busy going through boxes, etc.  Today I managed to sort out a large bag of plastic containers.  I know, sounds kind of dumb, but I always ask myself why I should keep the bottoms that have no tops and the tops that have no bottoms.  So I set out to remedy the situation, matched them all up and threw out the ones that are orphans.  Believe it or not, for me, this was a big job.  I have no storage space in the kitchen so this freed up a big piece of the floor!  I still have to find a place to store this stuff....

Slowly but surely I will get this place organized, one plastic container at a time if need be!

I got dressed today!  Again, a bid deal!  Rich came by to install a "grab" bar in the bathtub for me.  I can now safely take a shower without worrying about slipping and falling.  I decided to make a big deal out of it and actually get dressed!  It feels good and I think that, even if I have no plans to go anywhere or receive guests I should probably do it anyway....although some days I really just don't feel like it!  I do believe that it inspires and motivates....

That's about all the news I have to report for now since you all already know about the "Royal Baby"!!! 

Have a great day everyone!



  1. Can't reach you by phone, I guess I'll just have to surprise you.

  2. Hi Jo-Ann, hang in there. Thinking of you a lot. Sending a big hug your way. quilty question: a friend bought the Olipfa ruler as a gift from the doodle. any idea where i can get one now for someone else. don't feel you have to reply. i know you have bigger fish to fry. rest and be well!!
    shannon olden

  3. Shannon - I need a few more details and then I can source it for you! i.e, what size, dimensions, that kind of thing......

  4. Cathie - I know I gave you the right number but I do love a surprise!!!! Anytime - I don't get out much! LOL