Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lazy Days......

I've had the last two days off and I feel like I've done nothing!  Well - actually I got alot of reading done....you see, I have this "friend" who has turned me on to Steve Berry and I can't seem to put his books down.....

It is a sad state of affairs - I know there is nothing wrong with my resting but seriously I have so much to do - really, reading was not on the agenda!  Of course she's managed to give me enough reading material to last through my hospital stay for sure!

On Sunday I had just finished working 5 days in a row with 3 evenings until 10:00 thrown in and I was exhausted to say the least so in actual fact I needed two days to rest.  Tomorrow I go back until Monday and Tuesday I have surgery.

In the next few days I also want to get the house cleaned up, the laundry done and everything ready for me to come home to!  Jonathan will have his hands full once I get home - once I get up those stairs to my "oasis" he will be getting alot of exercise running up and down those stairs......Supposedly I will be in the hospital for 4 days (I have a funny feeling it may be until after the long weekend - note to self, take reading material - no problem there!).  Once home, after climbing two flights of stairs, I plan on staying put for at least a week ------ my Farmer's Wife awaits, many blocks ready to be stitched and then there's always reading!  Probably alot of sleeping too!  and maybe a little blogging!  We'll see!

Hard to plan ahead - will continue to play it by ear!  If I do get any quilting done in the next few days it will be a miracle but I honestly hope that I do - it's been awhile!

Can you tell that I can't wait to get this all over with - what a year!!!!!

Have a great day everyone!


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