Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just a quick update!

I seem to find myself "under the gun" on a regular basis!  This is going to be just a quick update as the camera is at the store and I am at home....can't seem to get that together these days.

Lately I feel like "the bag lady", I schlepp two or three bags of stuff back and forth between the house and the store every day.  Today I was very organized and left what I knew I wouldn't work on when I got home at the store, of course, the camera stayed there too!

Of late I have been very busy on EQ6 designing - on Saturday night I finally came up with (hopefully) a great sampler quilt for my "beginner" class.  By the time they finish this quilt they will be "advanced"!!!!  Tonight I designed - and really, I use this word loosely, a Rail Fence Table Topper for the first class but at least now I have the right fabric requirements, etc.  I'm teaching tomorrow - a March break student, and I'm really looking forward to it!  I'm hoping that it will work out okay so that we can start offering "kids" classes in the future.

I just finished the "sample" of the topper from my stash!  Well not exactly finished but the Rail Fence part is done and I'm not sure if I love it but now I'm thinking borders and how to quilt it.....I think I've got the borders sorted out (wish I had the camera) but that will be left for the morning.

This is going to be  a crazy week!  I get Tuesday morning off and then I"m teaching in the afternoon, Wednesday all day and Friday all day.  Thursday is Sit & Sew and Thursday evening is Stashbuster's Club night.  Friday evening is Sit & Sew and Saturday is Christmas Club, Sunday I'm teaching in the afternoon and Monday is Sit & Sew - can't wait until next Tuesday - think I'll sleep all day.....ha, ha!  The month of March is just "marching" by and at some point I've got a mass amount of paper work to do.....there will never be enough hours in the day!

So I'd better get myself to bed to get my beauty rest....

Have a great day everyone!


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