Sunday, November 11, 2012


It's that scary thing you do when you are trying to organize!  Yesterday when Rita was my legs and I was sorting all the "stuff" for Gillian to take to her church rummage sale and to drop at Value Village I had this horrible thought that I was just shifting the "stuff" from one spot to another.

I've set my mind at ease now because I know that anything that moved from the back to the front actually has to be at the front, whether there's room for it, well that's a whole other story.  There's still alot to do but it appears to be slowly moving in the right direction.

On Friday afternoon, after everything had been moved from the old "Doodle" to the new "Doodle" I sat in the chair by the books and picked up the phone to call my mom!!!!  I realized it had been just over two years since she passed away and I also realized how much I miss her!  I had a moment - she would have been so excited for me!  Needless to say I had a long conversation with her - and it's not long distance, and it sure helps!

My mom used to have a saying "Oh, my achin' back!"  It was something she used when she was overwhelmed or something crazy was happening.  When I said it yesterday - I meant it - my back really is aching!  Along with every other inch of my body!  The reward is that it will all be worth it in the end!!!!

I'm off to the store again to continue the "madness" and ruthlessly go through every single thing.  It's like that program "Hoarders" - it's almost laughable!!!!  But seriously - I am so limited for space that I have to really be ruthless!!!!

Have a great day everyone!


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