Friday, March 29, 2013

A day in the life.......

At 6:00 P.M yesterday I put the sign on the door that we are closed until Tuesday and started packing up to leave.  Rich came by with sandwiches (dinner) from California Sandwich (FYI - not as good as usual, their buns are different I think!) so we ate them, sans buns pretty much and then off!  

I arrived home around 7:30 P.M., unloaded the car (Amish With A Twist - amongst other things) after a stop at the drugstore to refill my prescriptions.  Jonathan went out for the evening and I settled in for some "me" time.  Actually, all I did was watch TV and ended up falling asleep half way through my shows.....what else is new?!?!  Thursday night usually consists of Grey's Anatomy and Motive on CTV and then Person of Interest and Scandal on CITY.  They keep changing everything so you never know.....

The first opening of the eyes was at 6:20 A.M. and I thought I might make coffee and start my day but after about 15 minutes I decided it would be better to go back to bed......I awoke again at 10:30 A.M. and decided to start my day.

First things first, coffee!  While waiting for coffee I decided to get re-acquainted with "Sergio".  It's been awhile since he's been in service.  Before the coffee was ready I managed to get quite a bit done but then he decided, after my first cup of coffee to throw a wrench in the works.....

Now, when I say it's been awhile since Sergio and I worked together - I mean like two years!  Somehow #3 needle had come unthreaded.  I am stubborn - so for the next 20 minutes I sat and figured out what the problem was and EUREKA!  I actually managed to fix him myself (Usually I just haul him off to the store and call Zack).  I was determined and it actually worked!

We are now on a roll!  As you can see, the piles are all organized and the BIG pile at the back of the picture are done.....YEAH!
 There are 6 piles - the front pile has one side done and
I'm working on the second side - The top pile behind has 2 sides done
ready to start side 3 - pile underneath to the right 1 side done - to the 
left, no sides done - at the back DONE (that's the big pile) and to the left
of the big pile are the scraps I want to use for one of the borders

However, as you can see by the next two pics, which don't really need captions, I have a "bit" of laundry to do....  Okay, I hate laundry!!!!  Well, seriously, it's not that I hate laundry, it's really that I hate the laundry room!  It is the one thing that I truly miss about the house and the townhouse!  Whenever I wanted to I could just throw a load in and be doing 10 other things around the house.  Here, I have to plan a "trip" to the laundry room, hope that there are machines available, and then I usually hang out while the wash is being done and then once it goes in the dryer I come upstairs for an hour and set the timer on the stove.  But for me - this is an ordeal!  I realize it's a personal phobia but I have it and I hate it!

There is just no way around it - unless I go out and buy new clothes every week this has to be done....  I really did try to set a routine with this but I know that this phobia I have constantly gets the better of me, so I go through every piece of clothing I have before I venture downstairs to the dreaded laundry room.  See - I am even ranting now in order to avoid the inevitable......Okay, okay - I am packing it up and I am going!  Wish me luck!  It is now 12:55 P.M.....I'd rather be anywhere else!

To be continued.........

It's now 11:04 P.M. and I just came up from the laundry room!  I know, I know!  Yes I procrastinated - I took a nap, then I made dinner, then I took a nap and by the time I went down to put in the first load it was 8:00 P.M. plus I did a load for Jonathan so it totaled 5 loads of laundry in the end!....and for the umpteenth time I vowed never to leave it that long again!  We'll see!  

There is an upside to this story!  Had I not gone down to do the laundry I would not have known that it will be closed tomorrow all day for plumbing repairs.  On top of that there are two lines of kitchens in the building that will not have water.  Not sure if we're one of them because we live on the first floor and the numbers are different above us.  I could go up and check but honestly, as long as I can get water for coffee in the morning I'll live through it....

Looks like I'll be up for awhile after all that afternoon napping so I'm going to go see what kind of trouble I can get into by the sewing area......

Have a great day everyone!


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