Sunday, March 31, 2013

Uh Oh.....

4 days off may be too long for me!  Day one went pretty good - I quilted a little, I slept a lot and I finally got 5 loads of laundry done!

Day 2 - I quilted a little and then, oh my gosh, then I got stuck into organizing and cleaning my bedroom.  I knew (have known for awhile) that I needed to do a bit of rearranging in order that when I sit and watch TV I am not idle, just sitting and doing nothing.  For most people this would take an hour or two but for me, with all my aches and pains and my quickness to tire, this took all day and night.  I was vacuuming at 2:30 A.M.....

I have this fabulous antique seaman's chest which can serve as a "coffee table"but was butted up against the foot board of the bed.  I just needed to figure out how to position it in the room so that it worked for me.  This way I can have the computer set-up and also have my Farmer's Wife handy for hand work while I watch TV.  It's been awhile since I've been able to work on those blocks.  I really just want a place where I can comfortably do hand work and watch TV and this configuration now seems to work.  Of course I had to move and sort through a bunch of bags full of projects.....

 My new workspace/TV area

This is what prompted THE LIST! (That's the uh oh!)  Okay, so there were some rules!  I could only LIST the stuff in the bags or on the floor, only the stuff that didn't have a "home".  That netted 9 (yup - NINE!) projects.    When I first moved in I took out my closet doors to make room for some storage and an extra dresser that I have.  Using those see through shoe boxes and other see through containers I stacked a bunch of ongoing projects in this area.  They are not on the list (I don't have enough paper for that!  ha,ha!)
My "little" storage area
So what did I find?!?!  I'm not sure I really want to share this - it kind of makes it official - the fact that I am addicted!!!!  Okay, maybe it's a step towards a cure?!?!  No, maybe not.  Well maybe it will keep me focused on all the "bright and shiny" objects I just found.  The funny part is, there isn't one of those nine projects that I would even consider abandoning.  That only goes to show you that I love quilting....  Maybe if I share I will be more apt to get them done....(then I can add the other 20 (approximately) projects lurking in the closet, oh and then there are the projects in the "actual" sewing area in the dining room - we are just not going there!!!!

Okay - so here goes (and don't say I never share!)

1 - Yellow Brick Road - Flannel -  In 2001 I purchased a kit for this on my way to visit my grandmother in New Jersey - It was at Patchwork & Pies in upstate New York.  I had it hidden away for years, all wrapped up.  I started it about a year ago when I was teaching Sharon, a newbie, and she wanted to do this pattern.  Unfortunately I didn't get very far.

2 - YHQG Charity Quilt - This is only one of many that I picked up at the guild.  There are others that I have in various other places.  One at a time, one at a time.  This is already started so it would be nice to get it finished.

3 - Underground Railroad Quilt - started back when we initiated the Underground Railroad Club - I was planning on doing it in both sizes.  I have done a few blocks in both sizes and again, it would be nice to have it done.

4 - Pandas - that one is actually pretty recent.  I wanted to do a sample for the store.  Now with the Pandas in Toronto I really want to finish it.

5 - Therapy In Session - definitely a recent one.  Wanted a sample for the store so I could bring some in to sell.  It's a pre-printed panel type thing and it's really cute.

6 - Farmer's Wife - this one is definitely ongoing!  Started in January 2010 and since it is being done by hand, I really have no definitive end date.  The fact that I keep working on it is already a good thing.  Slow and steady wins the race!  

7 - Country Haven - okay, this one was supposed to be a store sample that never got done.  It's a design by Kim Diehl which I fell in love with and really wanted to finish.  Mostly done and still worth finishing.  It was a free pattern on the Henry Glass website for her fabric line Country Haven.  Do you remember this one?  I still love it.....

8 - Florals of Provence - I bought all the fabrics for this wall hanging (Michael Miller fabrics - I think). It was one of my early shopping trips with my friend Dov in 2001.  We used to jump in the car on any Saturday and just travel all over southern Ontario hitting quilt stores.  This was purchased at The Quilt Patch in Oakville.

9 - Queen of Hearts - a Thimbleberries pattern and was supposed to be a sample for the store but unfortunately it never got completed.  Wow - way too many of these.  Really gotta focus.....

Okay so there are my first 9 that I am sharing....I'm thinking that as I finish one I may add another - the perpetual 9!!!!  Okay maybe not!

Since I am watching Republic of Doyle I think I'll break out the Farmer's Wife.....

Have a great day everyone....


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