Monday, March 25, 2013

Next on the home front......

Besides cleaning and laundry which definitely are screaming out to be done, there are all these bags and boxes of stuff!!!!  Okay, okay they are UFO's!!!  So I came across this box that has been to the store, back to the house, to the store, to the house!  Oh my gosh - it is the travelling box.  How long has it been travelling?  Well, Barb could tell you because she cut all of the strips I used to make up the 2007 I believe!

Look - I had a plan!  Really I did!  I was inspired by a quilt I had seen in a magazine and patterns which Sandy Lindal had written.  I wanted to combine her methods with my quilt idea and I had gotten a decent start on it but you know how it goes - life happens, got busy and it kept getting put aside.  It has now been officially (or maybe unofficially) resurrected.  
The original box - which was full

The blocks and strips all ready to go

Sergio (the serger) is going to be put into service.  This is all part of this great quilt project.  I'm really getting excited about it and got quite a bit of work done on it tonight. I will, hopefully keep working on it this week and start getting it put together so you can see the effect soon.

It is done with mainly homespuns.  Most of them are stripes or plaids and the quilt will eventually be for Jonathan.  I love homespuns!  They really fit into any decor - country, modern, eclectic....  They have a way of really warming up a space.  I'm not sure what size this is going to be but the plan is to use all of the blocks, cut at 6-1/2".  

I am going to write a pattern once the quilt is done so I'll keep you posted when it will appear in the store.

This weekend, however, is designated for Amish With A Twist!  I have 4 days - Friday to Monday - and my plan is to get this quilt top done!  It is going to be gorgeous!
Amish With A Twist

I am really looking forward to a weekend of laundry (not really!), cleaning (ugh!) and quilting (YAHOO!)  If I'm feeling generous - I will share my progress!

Have a great day everyone!


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