Wednesday, May 1, 2013

29 and counting.......

So far I seem to be continuing my Farmer's Wife obsession.  After choosing fabrics last Thursday I took some prep work to do on Friday night at the "No Machine" Sit & Sew.  Admittedly I didn't get too much done that night and Saturday night I watched the hockey game (and slept through the 2nd period, only to wake up to a 4-1 loss for the Leafs).  Sunday I spent the day piecing by machine and enjoying a visit from friends and Sunday night I started doing some sashing and cornerstones - below is Block 1 - Attic Window with 4 sides of sashing and cornerstones....
 Attic Window - Block 1 

I realized that Block 6 was complete and appears below Block 1 in the quilt so....I did the attachment of Block 6 - Big Dipper to Block 1 -along with the setting triangle for this's so exciting to see them start to fit together, even if it is only 2 blocks.
 Block 6 - Big Dipper attached to Block 1 - Attic Window and sashed....

Since I had already completed Block 2 - Autumn TInts, I decided to do the side sashings getting the block ready to be attached to something.
 Block 2 - Autumn Tints with sashing

That was all for Sunday night, but I was impressed with myself.  Last night I really outdid myself and completed Block 3 - Basket and Block 5 - Bat Wings.....That puts me at 29 blocks done. (Only 82 to go....)  If I keep up the pace I could actually get this done in about 5 years......maybe a few days sooner!  Here's hoping!
 Block 3 - Basket                                       Block 5 - Bat Wings

Tonight I sorted all the blocks again and completed prepping and cutting Block 7 - Birds In The Air - 40 pieces.  Seemed like it took forever but some of these blocks have a lot of small pieces.  I now have 6 blocks ready to piece.  Tomorrow night is a piecing night for me so we'll see what I can accomplish!   

Block 7 - Birds In The Air

Of course, once the newsletter goes out and everyone starts signing up for those evening classes my plan goes to pot!!!!  Oh well, like I said - 5 years!  I'm okay with that and I am truly enjoying doing the hand work, it's relaxing, rewarding and just a complete joy to look forward to at the end of the day.

Have a great day everyone!


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