Saturday, December 14, 2013

A busy, busy week!

Suddenly my dance card was full!  I recuperated from my wonderful Thursday "Shop Hop"with Linda and Gillian and it only took two days.  Then I received  a Facebook message that made my day.  Cathie and Gail wanted to come for a visit on Wednesday night.....YEAH!!!!  I was thrilled!

So - now I need to make room to sit!!!  It's really not a joke!  Unfortunately I have yet to snag a much needed storage locker so the boxes are still strewn around the living room. Making room is no easy feat!  However, with a little ingenuity and some "elbow grease" I managed to make it work.  Cathie and Gail showed up with dinner from Mr. Greek and we had a wonderful visit.  We even managed to make room for Jonathan and his friend Frasier - yes they hung out with the "old ladies" for a short time!  Luckily they got fed up pretty quick and went into his room to watch the Leafs game.  I got to show off my progress on The Farmer's Wife and we just had a great catch-up evening! Can't wait until our next Stitch'n'Bitch (I missed the last one, wasn't feeling up to it)!  They managed to top up on some thread needs while they were here too!!!  I do not exaggerate when I say I have thousands of spools of thread here!!!

I have also managed to complete 6 more blocks -

 Block # 62 - Old Windmill (32 pieces)
Block #64 - Peace & Plenty (32 pieces)
Block # 66 - Periwinkle (12 pieces)
Block # 70 - Prairie Queen (25 pieces)
Block # 71 - Puss In The Corner (13 pieces)

These five blocks represented the "order" group.  I stitch up one group of 5 blocks in "numerical order" so that I am just stitching blocks and then I start working on the "row order" so that I am able to put the rows together.  The 6th block that I completed is the start of Row 8 - another row of 13 blocks of which I already have 8 completed.  I am just finishing the stitching of Row 7 to the quilt top now. 
Block # 81 - Snowball (13 pieces)
Now I will start adding the sashings and cornerstones to this block and stitching the completed blocks to make Row 8.  This is the second row of 3 rows of 13 blocks and then, because the quilt is on point, each row after that will be smaller by two blocks.  This marks the halfway point of the quilt top....I can't believe it!!!

My week did not end here!!!  I had another Facebook message that Linda was coming to visit with Bosley and Ainsley on Thursday!!!  I have not seen my "baby" Bosley since May 2011 when I did my first chemo.  Not only that, but Linda has been working in Ottawa for the past year and she was bringing me a present!!!  Egg rolls from the Golden Palace! Okay, I know, that sounds nuts - but you haven't tasted an egg roll if you haven't had one of theirs.  I salivate just thinking about these egg rolls.  A trip to Ottawa for Egg Rolls was on my bucket list!!!  The rest of their menu is also to die for but the egg rolls are by far the most outstanding item!  They sell them by the dozens - people come from all over to get them.  I remember as a kid, Saturday night was Golden Palace night and believe me the whole city was there - you always ran into someone you knew!!!

So, again I had to Bosley-fy the house - he still likes to gnaw on the odd sock!  I managed to get quite a bit of organizing done before Cathie and Gail came but I still needed to do a bit more for the Bosley visit.  I actually managed to clean off my desk (been a mess for six months) and organize the computer area.  If only I had a storage locker!!!!  One of these days!

They arrived around 2:00 P.M. and it was glorious!  There is nothing like a great big fat kiss from a chocolate Lab!!!  It'll cure everything!!!  It was great hugging Linda and Ainsley too!  I adore this dog!  I gave him up for all the right reasons and I happily gave him to a family who would love him as much as I do.  Matt, Linda, Morgan and Ainsley have given him a wonderful home and since I get visiting privileges I couldn't ask for anything more.
Jonathan and I just couldn't give him the exercise and attention that he needed.  He gets plenty now!!!  Of course I took a few pics while they were here!
 Finding his spot on the couch (his couch I might add)
 A rare face pic!  He does not pose for pictures - always on the go!
 Ainsley holding him just long enough to see that gorgeous mug!
 This is the norm - he wiggles into you on the couch so you can rub his belly....Linda is quietly raiding the thread baskets in the background.....
 Never sits still- pushing into Ainsley for a good rub.
He is just a big galoot with such a wonderful personality and just look at the love from his Mom (Linda) and sister (Ainsley) - I so miss having that around....

It was a wonderful visit, unfortunately Jonathan was working and didn't get a chance to see him but Bosley kept running back to Jonathan's bedroom to look for him and next time we'll schedule it on one of Jonathan's days off.  Of course, all good things come to an end and so the visit was over but not before I got some much needed hugs and some really great slobbery kisses.

Needless to say I had a good dose of Egg Rolls after they left and I even treated Liz to one so she can tell you how good they are!!!!  She was surprised I would share this delicacy but there isn't anyone I would rather share with!!!  She dropped by after her guild meeting with a Peppermint Hot Chocolate from Tim's and we ate our egg rolls and chatted for a bit - she's just back from Calgary visiting Brian (her son) and Sarah (his girlfriend).

Yesterday I spent the day cooking!  First there were the sweet and sour meatballs for the potluck at our guild meeting on Monday night.  Then I threw together a Shepherd's Pie and then Jonathan made steaks and baked potatoes for dinner.  

Today I am content to sit inside and watch the snow fall and worry about my son driving around out there boosting batteries.  He called a little while ago and says it's pretty bad out there, he can't do over 20 km/hr or he starts to fishtail.  So - I suggest you all get done what has to be done and get home.....

My plan is to possibly clear off that dining room table, set up my sewing machine and get some stitching done....we'll see if I can manage that....

Have a great day everyone! (I know this was a long one.....)


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