Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

2014 has arrived!  At our house it arrived very quietly.  Jonathan was working last night and also today so he was home for the countdown.  Although he was invited to a number of parties and celebrations, he chose to do the responsible thing and stay home where we were both busy playing computer games.....boring, quiet but nice!

The past two weeks have been very trying for both of us.  The power outage was, for us, a tough situation.  Jonathan was working so had the opportunity to warm up in the truck while he was out. I, on the other hand spent 66 hours layering clothing and hiding under my quilts to keep warm.  All I wanted for Christmas was heat and light and at around 8:00 P.M. on Christmas eve my prayers were answered.....Jonathan happened to be home as he had brought me some dinner and to say he was thrilled would be an understatement.  It took about 4 hours before I was willing to take my hat off - thanks Barb for that great knitted hat, it really kept me warm.  Liz, was also my life saver bringing over hot foods and coffee.  They were out 64 hours but were able to snag a generator.  I am still cleaning out the fridge and freezer - so sad to have lost so much food, etc.  Luckily we had not really done a big shopping for the holidays yet so the real loss was what was in the freezer.

I did manage to get some hand piecing done on my Farmer's Wife -

 Block # 99 - W.C.T.U. - 31 pieces
I also managed to get started on row 8 which has 13 blocks.  I am now working on finished row 8 which once attached to the quilt top will put me over half way done.  I only have 25 more blocks to complete.  I started this quilt in January 2010 so it's been 4 years in the making but honestly, I am thrilled that I have come this far.

Unfortunately I am still battling pain and so my schedule has been turned upside down in the sense that I find myself resting/sleeping a large amount of the time.  In addition, my TV in the bedroom gave out (the on button is broken) and when we moved Jonathan's TV into the bedroom we lost a key piece to hooking up the antennae.  Since I usually sit and watch TV and stitch, this has really put a crimp in my progress.  I am not thrilled by this and it means I have to adapt to the circumstances.

Gillian and I were trying to plan an evening - dinner at her place but I just couldn't make myself move last Friday so we put it off until Monday and I literally forced myself to leave the house (I hadn't been out since the 17th when I went for my CT scan).  What a great decision!  It was a wonderful evening with leftovers and Turkey soup that was absolutely delicious.  Then we sat and talked quilting and went through some of her stash to choose some patterns for her "scraps" as well as some absolutely gorgeous fabrics she had stashed away.  I can't wait to see those quilts finished.  I know she was busy working on something last night.  

I am looking forward to a "Stitch'n'Bitch" on Saturday with friends and really can't wait to get out of the house again.  I have to monitor the pain and keep the "pills" close at hand but otherwise it should be a great day!

At this point I honestly have to push myself to get things done.  It's not just the pain, it's the energy.  In my mind I make a list and if I get anything done I feel I've accomplished something.  My goal today is to get the fridge shelves cleaned, as well as the drawers and inside of the fridge.  That and a load of dishes washed and I will feel like I've climbed Mount Everest.  Amazing how the little things become so big!!!!

I am still trying to get a locker for storage so that I can make the house look habitable again.  It really does look like a warehouse in here with all the boxes.  It is very depressing to try to work around the clutter.  Hopefully this will come to pass in the New Year.

I want to wish you all a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year and hope that everything you wish for this year comes to pass!

Have a great day everyone!



  1. jo ann, i wish i had known about your blackout...i have room here....
    i can give you a tip about tv if you want to email me at

    sending good vibes your has been such a long haul for you..
    shannon olden

  2. I never knew until today how long people were without power in the Toronto area. Wow, that must of been brutal, trying to stay warm. I'm cold just thinking about it. Good luck with your storage/space issues. Trying to be organized in a small space is really difficult but I know you can do it.