Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy, happy, happy!!!

I woke up this morning realizing that I had messed up my medication and forgotten to take my long acting pain pill at 3:00 A.M. like I was supposed to.....okay, no biggie, I will switch it and take the 12 hour at 9:00 A.M., much easier, and then 9:00 P.M.!!!  It worked like a charm.  I think it was a good mess-up!  Of course, what that meant was that I was in pain which for today was not going to be a good thing....

I hopped onto Facebook to see what was happening and waited patiently to hear from Christina as to when she would be picking me up!  Pain or no pain I was going to Sit & Bitch....I guess it was about 11:00 or so by the time we left my house and headed up to Gail's!  I was so excited (and Christina is an exceptionally good driver so I was in good hands).

Arrival - unloading - big hugs (that's the best part) and then straight into Show & Share!!!
We settled in the den and the show began - these girls are just so inspiring and motivating!!!

First - Gail 

 An adorable kit - a Christmas Quilt (not sure if it was ready for this year but pretty darn close to!)
This one is for Halloween (next year I'm guessing!)

Next is Cathie - 
 Penguins, penguins, cute little penguins for Claire (Cathie's daughter)
Check out the quilting on the back - more penguins!  The back is Minkie and so soft and it was quilted by Cathy Petrie who never disappoints.

Gail's quilts above were also quilted by Cathy Petrie, the Halloween quilt has candy corn inside candy corn, always a great theme to go with the quilt, just beautiful quilting.

Now Ann -

A Trip Around The World which in two weeks will be off to her 85 year old aunt in England.
She's going to quilt it herself.

Oh wait a minute, back to Cathie -
 A table runner done with Batik charm squares - easy and stunning!
Stars, and stars and more stars!  Ten years in the making but a Christmas runner 
(for next year) - just has to be quilted.....

Now Christina -
 A very cool Halloween quilt (for next year) she put the "bats" binding on this afternoon

Then me, okay, forgot to get pictures!  But I showed off my Farmer's Wife blocks, the quilt top half done (almost) with the piece I posted yesterday with 10 blocks along with the three blocks to be added.  Next time I'll take a picture or if Jonathan's feeling generous, he'll hold it up for me sooner.

After Show & Share, lunch was in order and it was wonderful as usual, individual quiches (Gail) with a lovely salad (Cathie) and delicious cupcakes (Christina)!  The kitchen overlooks the back yard which was still decked out in Christmas decorations and I tried to take a pic (yes I should have opened the back door!)
 Gail and Dennis do such a great job of decorating, the whole house feels festive!  I love that feeling - it just makes you feel that there is a holiday in the house!  Even the wall hanging in the kitchen gets changed....
It's the Christmas Gingerbread Bakery - so cute!  (not sure what the discussion was about but looks serious....)

After lunch, I needed a bit of a lie down (on the couch), the pain was beginning to bare it's fangs again and I had a good hour wait for my "pill".  I decided to pop it a little early and was up and running in about half the time as normal.

Batteries recharged and off to start piecing.  I was going to finish putting together my Bricks and Mortar quilt. The blocks were all done, it was just a matter of placing them correctly to achieve the pattern - no biggie!  UNTIL - I looked at it and realized that I had made a mistake on one of the blocks.....

On the couch - are the blocks done right.  On the arm are the blocks done wrong
The beige squares are supposed to form a step pattern through the center
This is how the block is supposed to look

Needless to say, when I make a mistake, I make it all the way.... Because I was chain piecing these blocks when I put them together, all 15 blocks were done the same - WRONG!  It is so great to be with friends - Cathie, Ann and Gail helped me unstitch so that I could get them done right.  Didn't get a lot of stitching done today but spending time with friends definitely makes up for that....

I am now determined more than ever to get my sewing machine set up at home so that I can get these righted and put together properly.  There's still another project in this bag I have been toting around that I really want to do and had it not been for the patience of my friends I would've put this one back in the box for LATER!!!

What a fabulous day, and they even listened to me vent about the pain and the doctors and all the other bad stuff - I love you guys!!!!  Before Christina and I took off I had to get a picture of the outside of the Christmas gorgeous (and there's a lot you can't see because it's buried under ice and snow).
So just want to open those presents under the tree!

When I got home, around 7:30 P.M. it didn't take long for me to go lie down.  Since I am determined to keep my blogging record going (4 blogs in 4 days) I am now working on Vancouver time - like time shift on the TV except with the computer.  Sometimes it works - we'll see if I can make it work this time!  You figure out what time it really is - I had a really good sleep....

I am so awake, I may even continue un-sewing....

Have a great day everyone - I sure did!


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  1. Hi Cuz glad to hear you had such a good time with your friends. Every gal needs a bitch day. Keep feeling better.