Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I'm thinking that is going to be my "buzz" word for 2014!  Yesterday I was expecting my friend Linda to drop by so I persevered all morning getting the living room back into a living space.  Just clearing the top of the coffee table when Jonathan takes over the house on his days off is a challenge in itself.  I refuse to take photos of this as it is more than embarrassing, however I totally managed to do it.....

Linda called to say that a dental emergency had waylaid her and she wouldn't be coming but we made plans for another day.  Today my other friend Linda came by to raid the thread baskets - now I only have a few thousand spools left!  She also brought some Show & Share, her beige on beige quilt which is absolutely stunning.....
Linda's Beige on Beige

She also brought her picture album of all the quilts and other quilted stuff she's made and it was fabulous to see!  Sandy (Lindal - Scrappy Gal Quilt Company) will be more than happy to get this quilt to quilt.

We had a great visit and I was able to set up my little hand quilting station so I began stitching Row 8 to my Farmer's Wife.
Everything all there and ready to go

While we chatted, I stitched.  Linda is Dana's mom, Dana is one of Jonathan's best friends and that's initially how we met.  Dana and Fiona (his girlfriend) came by the store last spring and I showed them the quilt I was working on.  They really liked it and I decided that it would be theirs.  Today I gave it to Linda to take to them.  It's one of my favourites and Sandy Lindal quilted it for me so it's been on the Cock A Doodle blog for sure, but here it is again.  My basket of quilts seems to be receding.....

Urban Pods - with the Quick Curve Ruler

Dana is a talent on his own.  Linda had me check out his phenomenal Facebook Page - Dana TheJeweler. You really need to check this page out - it has all of his jewelry designs (well I'm sure not all, but a lot).  He is extremely talented and if you ever need a custom jewelry piece made, you need to see this guy.  At the very least you need to check out his Facebook Page.
After Linda left I made lunch, a real meal - tuna fish sandwich and pickles on the side.  Sat down at the computer, played some computer games and ate lunch.
Looking good enough to eat...and I did!

Then I really got down to it!  I finally set up my machine for stitching.  Had to change the light bulb in the dining room too!  That took a bit of energy but well worth it.
Sonia - ready and raring to go....

I have also lost my pressing space in the process of storing boxes (soon I hope to have my storage locker?!?!) so I set up a temporary cutting/pressing space - I knew I bought that
cutting/pressing mat for a reason.....
 Cutting space
Pressing space

Now I have resewn all of my blocks, found another mistake on the other set of blocks, fixed that one and we were on our way.  After all is said and done I got the first two rows together.....YEAH!!!!

 First two rows together and I love it....
This is the pattern so you can see why I couldn't compromise

Tomorrow will not be a sewing day (machine) as it's Jonathan's day off.  I may get something done in the morning before he gets up but that would require me getting up early so we'll see how that goes.

Jonathan worked both today and yesterday in this cold and actually came home at one point today to say - he was getting his paycheck and getting on a bus to Florida to live on the street!!!!  Should I remind him he has a cousin living down there who would be more than happy to give him shelter????  Maybe not, because that would leave me out in the cold - not at all what I really want.  I'm selfish that way.....Chances are he'll enjoy his day off and go back to work on Thursday.

Hope to get loads done tomorrow too - I appear to be on a roll!

Have a great day everyone!


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