Friday, January 10, 2014


Yesterday was Jonathan's day off so I spent a little time playing computer games and then decided to get out of his way and headed for my private haven and my hand quilting.  Wasn't sure I'd get anything done but I surprised myself -
Block 72 - Railroad - 28 pieces

I also managed to complete Row # 15, the lower left hand corner of the quilt top.  I will now work up from that point - I'm getting excited here, I have 6 more rows to complete the quilt top and only about 20 blocks that haven't been pieced....getting there....
Bottom left hand corner - Row # 15

Today started out very early, around 5:55 A.M. when I had to wake Jonathan for work because he couldn't charge his phone last night.  Worked out well because it's about the time I need to take a pill.  Back to bed until around 10:30 and then realized today is the day I get to machine quilt!!!  YEAH!

As soon as I did my crossword and had my brunch I set everything up, including the big ironing board.  I pulled out Bricks and Mortar and saw another mistake.  No problem, I can fix it - so I start unsewing.  Well, I only managed to totally mess it up and spent the first hour just fixing what I messed up......patience, another new "buzz" word for 2014!  Don't think I didn't contemplate, yet again, giving up on this quilt but determination is the name of the game.....

By 2:00 P.M. I had put on two more rows -
2 rows on - up to 4 rows, only two more to go

Liz called to say she was going to come over with some hand sewing.  Now, I have to say I was more than excited.....  I know that's weird, but you have to understand - First, I am home alone most of the time and I really do love company, but more importantly, Second - When Liz and I get together it's usually to go to a doctor's appointment, or chemo or out to run errands, we don't often get to just sit & sew and enjoy each others company.  I was really looking forward to this visit.  She came around 3:15 P.M. and stayed for about 3 hours while I got the last two rows together and added them to the quilt....
 Quilt center done - now the borders......
Liz was all packed up and just getting ready to leave so I got a quick pic

Liz had just been so supportive the past 7 months (longer when you include the store hours she put in), always there to take me to appointments and sit with me through the tough stuff....good news, bad news, all of it.  It was so nice to sit like two normal girlfriends and just chat and sew....what a treat!  I hope we do it more often- I really enjoyed this afternoon.

Now, back to the quilt!  She left me at an extremely crucial (appropriate) moment.  Here's the problem.  This is what happens when you return to those U.F.O.'s, the "oops" moment. I know I am not the only one who has this problem.  

The first border is pieced in 2-1/2" squares of which I needed 114.  I wasn't sure I had enough fabric!?!?!  Sure didn't look like it!  Turns out, after I worked it out mathematically (took 20 minutes) I would be able to squeak out 115 squares.  Of course I had to do quite a bit of fudging the blocks to make it work properly and the darker squares met up at the corners but by 8:00 P.M. I had the top and bottom border on.

Top and bottom borders

It was the side borders I really had to fudge, that took awhile, a little unsewing and resewing and voila - sides were on......

All four borders on - Yahoo!

Tomorrow Jonathan is off so I can relax and forget the mathematics because the outside border is also pieced and I really think that I am going to be short for sure.  However, after all is said in done, I really love this quilt!  I really like the pattern and did not expect it to turn out this nicely.....I even have a quilting plan!  I love it when that happens.  This will all have to wait until Saturday when I go back to figuring out if I have enough fabric to do the outside border....we can only hope....I can't wait to complete this quilt because I have another one waiting in the wings (my project bag) that I am really antsy to get to.

Tomorrow I will get to work on the Farmer's Wife and hopefully get a few more blocks done as well as a couple of rows.  I am definitely on a roll here and am extremely excited about the progress.  It's been such a long time since I've been able to say that....

Have a great day everyone!


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