Sunday, February 26, 2012


I was determined to get "Winnie the Pooh" quilted but as usual, time was not working in my favour!  I believe in my last blog I showed "Bernie" (my trusted Bernina) all set up for quilting with "Winnie" close by.  I managed to do a bit every time I sat down but last night I was down to the crunch....I needed the table for something else!

As soon as I walked in the door I put dinner in the oven to warm and started quilting.  That was about 7:00 P.M..  I turned on the hockey game, Leafs lost AGAIN!!!!  and listened while I quilted away - stopped for a quick dinner and finished by 10:30 P.M..
 I'm pleased with the result and find I can easily manage
a quilt this size on the Bernina
 This was all free motion quilting,except for the 4 patch squares
where I used the walking foot and there are a couple of
lines with a decorative stitch where I used the open toe foot with
the feed dogs up.

Today, at some point, I will square off the quilt and if I can find the prepared binding (I've obviously hidden it in a very "safe" place!) then I will put the binding on.  The patterns and the kits should be ready shortly in the I said, FINALLY!

As I said, I needed to get something else done so at 10:30 P.M. I rearranged the dining room for "Sonia" (my fabulous Janome) and for "easy" piecing.  By pushing the table up to the red cabinet I am able to set up the ironing "station" without interfering with the back door and close to the machine.

There are two projects that I MUST get done.  One is for today, so last night I worked diligently on my Amish Shadow blocks.  These are for my Beginner Machine Piecing and Quilting Class which is at 1:30 P.M..  I managed to get everything ready for class and just finished writing out my class notes 1/2 an hour ago.  You can see the remnants of my cutting efforts at the top right hand side of the cutting board.
If I remember, I will  take some pics when I have the blocks up on the design wall at the store this afternoon.  I might even piece it together tonight, however, there is the second project that is pressing......MY MYSTERY QUILT!!!!

I will be cutting for that tonight for sure and of course, no pics until after the class on April 28th......but in all honesty I still have that bolt of fabulous hot pink fabric at home that needs to make it's way back to the store so I can share it with everyone.

One of my customers asked me yesterday if I get to quilt all the time!!!!  I guess I probably thought, when I opened a quilt store, that I would be quilting all the time.  Unfortunately that is not the case....Admittedly I do get a lot more quilting done than I did when I was working full time and quilting as a hobby.  I think that my priorities at that time were a little askew and I missed out on a good form of relaxation.

When I had the house, I had a designated "quilting studio" and I really didn't use it nearly enough, even after the store opened.  The townhouse, already a memory, had everything set up in the dining room and I did manage to get quite a bit of quilting done there but I was also housebound for nearly eight months. 

The apartment is ideal in that I haven't got far to go to get my quilting done, again, set up in the dining room.  If Jonathan ever moves out (not too soon I hope) then I will replace his bed with my quilting room!!!!  (Once he leaves, it better be for good - lol)  He' s still working and got his first pay cheque on Thursday.  I can only imagine the feelings he's having of being able to "pay his own way".  Not to mention being able to contribute to the household expenses.  He's beginning to realize the struggle it's been this past year for me.  He's also getting an education in what things cost!  Reality check!

Well, I have to get off to the store and get some work done before I teach so, on that note....

Have a great day everyone!


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