Saturday, February 18, 2012

Going strong!

Well, he made it through the first 3 days no problem (Jonathan that is!)!!!  I'm thrilled and he really seems pleased which can only be a good thing.  He can nurse his sore muscles for 3 days and then back to work Tuesday, Monday being a holiday which I am really looking forward to.  It'll give me two days off this week, a rarity these days!

I showed you the fabrics I will be using for my Mystery Quilt but I wasn't really happy with the dark pink I had chosen and I was pretty sure I didn't have enough.  So last week I found a gorgeous pink - it's called Petunia Pink - through one of my suppliers.  I ordered it along with 3 other colours for the store!  It's perfect for my quilt - so if you're all lucky I won't use the whole bolt (highly unlikely) and it'll be available at the store in a couple of days - it really is luscious! 
 If I can get my lesson plan done quickly tonight I may even start cutting the quilt!!!! 

Being ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) has it's disadvantages.....Barb's sock knitting classes started Thursday night and I was NOT going to do this, start yet another project I have no time for BUT when the ladies came and picked out their "KITS" no-one took the Razzle Dazzle, my favourite!!!!  I really wanted to see how it knits up, never mind that I've seen Barb's socks!  Okay, so maybe I just want a pair of my own, but also, it's such a neat thing to do - she's always got a pair of socks on her needles and picks them up all the time to work on, she keeps them in her bag and voila, always has a handy project for those times when she's sitting with nothing to do!!!

So here are mine started.......
Right now, they are parked near the cash register so I pick them up when I'm waiting for the computer to boot or download something or just whenever!!!  Not sure I'll ever knit more than one pair in my lifetime but honestly it's fun and I'm glad to see that even with the Neuropathy I developed in my left hand (and both feet) during the chemo treatments I can still do this - that's it, it's a test, to see if I can knit again!!!!  Any excuse, honestly!

Okay, off to get some important stuff done at home.....

Have a great day everyone!


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