Saturday, January 26, 2013

I was on a roll....

Got another block done on my Farmer's Wife on Thursday night and I was so excited.  Block #26 - Cut Glass Dish - 30 pieces, done!
Block 26 - Cut Glass Dish

So I decided to continue to the next block I had cut which was block #35 - Flower Basket. Because the basket handle is appliqued on I decided to add it first (I've already unstitched it).  I then put the large half square triangle together and then the smaller ones.  To my surprise - nothing fit!  As you can see by the photo - the large HST is way too large.....

Block 35 - Flower Basket

Jo-Ann's Tip of the WEEK!, MONTH!, YEAR!

When you are working on a pattern from a book, any pattern, any book be sure to check if there are any corrections!  One of the pros of our "age" is the access to information.  Yesterday morning when I arrived at the store I immediately went onto the internet in search of The Farmer's Wife Quilt and found Laurie Aaron Hird's blog  On the right hand side of the blog is a box called Pages and the third caption down is Corrections - I can now go back to my Farmer's Wife and YES - Block 35 had a correction on the template size.  Now I can get back to it.

Last night at NO MACHINE - Sit & Sew, I managed to unstitch to get ready for the re-cut and restitching of the block.  Hopefully I will have a productive weekend (tonight and Sunday) getting some stitching done - both hand and machine.

Have a great day everyone!


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