Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pleasantly surprised!

If you've already read the "store" blog then I've taken up too much of your time today and I would much rather you be quilting then just reading about quilting.....After all, it is what I wish for myself!  To have more time to quilt.

Last Tuesday I started teaching the Hand Piecing/Quilting class to two lovely women and in an effort to inspire I decided to bring along my Farmer's Wife binder.  Certainly it was an inspiration for these ladies but it also turned out to be the motivation I needed to commence work on this, somewhat overwhelming, project.  I finished Block 25 - Cups and Saucers the very next day (33 pieces).  I am now working on Block 26, hopefully to have it completed shortly.
This past Tuesday (the 22nd), I had the pleasure of teaching the Quick Curve Ruler technique in the Urban Pods class.  If you saw the store blog then you saw the Urban Pods quilt I completed (still needs a small top and bottom border) but since I was teaching the technique rather than a specific quilt pattern, I allowed each student to choose their pattern and I had two that chose the Urban Nine Patch.  I had to try a block and make sure the instructions were clear and now I only need to do another 24 of these blocks to finish the quilt.  I am so pleased with this block, I really can't wait to get the other 24 done!
As you can see I am really keeping busy and I have a huge list of outstanding projects, etc. that need to be addressed.  I am trying to stay focused on that list and even keep moving in an orderly fashion towards completing all these projects.  Of course, there are always those "priorities" that suddenly crop up and have to be looked after (like a mystery quilt I have to have ready for March 30th), but, if I stick to my list I think I can actually accomplish something.

Wish me luck and I'll be sure to post my progress as it goes.....

Have a great day everyone!


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