Saturday, April 16, 2011


Guess who's working again!  Jonathan!  That's twice this week - oh, if only there were sports events every day of the week.....

Still cleaning out the back room at the store - project by project, fabric by fabric, books, magazines and patterns.....unfinished quilts!  So, slowly but surely I am lugging it all home!  Keeping it organized is the key - so it all has a place and once the painting of the house is done (we're on temporary hiatus while Rich is working) it will find it's temporary home until it's done!?!?!

I promised myself that I would try to work on each project to completion and with Holy Snowballs I did just that, it's now at the store where I have the sleeve and binding ready to go on (hopefully tomorrow in between customers) - then the label and finally it will be hung in it's reserved spot.....

BUT, what I found while I was working on this quilt is that once I got to the quilting part - it was not consistant.  I found that there were evenings when I came home and just wasn't up to the task....not in the mood and since I didn't want to mess up the quilting I found myself looking for other stuff to I cut a quilt and I did some other "quilty" stuff but what I really felt like doing was piecing!  I have solved this problem now ------- and set Sonja (my Janome) back up again!   Now I'm ready to rock.....and quilt or piece!

Hmmm - what shall I do next?!?!  I'm looking for projects that I can complete in the next 24 days (I'm counting down to May 10th!) so, there are two quilt tops I can work on piecing and two layered and basted quilts I can quilt we go!

I'm off to get started!

Have a great day everyone!


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