Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who knew......

Back in December when I started this blog that it would have been named so aptly!!!!  Owning a quilt store certainly allows me the tag of Creations, plus I do have a few of those up my sleeve!  The apt part appears to be Trials & Tribulations!

I guess I kind of took the Trials & Tribulations from what I had been through in the past 2 years and thought it was appropriate, there always seems to be something going on in our lives that could constitute Trial & Tribulations.....

Having said that - I will finally update all of you on what's going on!  On Wednesday May 11th I met with my doctor (oncologist) who informed me that Terry the Tumor has a friend - we have named him Larry on the Lung (the key word here being ON!).  It seems Terry got lonely and wanted a friend to keep him company - who knew!  Well needless to say I AM NOT particularly fond of "Illegal Immigration"  and I want these "aliens" evicted!  Luckily my doctor is of the same mind so he wasted no time and I had my first Chemotherapy session Thursday May 12th! 

Libby drove in from Windsor on Wednesday night and held my hand for 9 hours while I underwent my first of three sessions!  I've been off the radar for the past few days because I've been fighting the side effects of becoming "glow in the dark", however, I AM BACK!  Well - let's just say I feel alot better than I did yesterday, the day before and definitely the day before that (DAY 1 after chemo was relatively a cake walk!).  Libby left for home this morning secure in the knowledge that I was getting "over it"!  She is my ROCK and I love her!  That having been said I have a fabulous network of friends that I can depend upon and I can only hope that I will not over tax them with all of this!

Jonathan (my son) has also been amazing and hopefully will continue to be that!  Rich of course is my other "go to guy" and I can certainly count on him for just about anything, including filling the propane tank so I could Barbeque last night - you'd think I was pregnant or something!  I had a craving and voila - it appeared!

Elaine dropped by today to drop off the fabulous quilt that the Monday girls made for me - and Jonathan couldn't resist the photo-op, besides it may be my last one with hair for awhile!

It's really a gorgeous quilt!....and I recognize so many fabrics!  FYI - it makes a fabulous signature quilt, all the girls signed it and it is from the book Scrap Basket Sensations - by Kim Brackin which should arrive in your local quilt shop (Cock A Doodle Quilts) any day now - I just ordered 12 more copies!  I'm actually going to send a copy to Kim (a copy of the photo) - I think it's so fabulous!  For some reason my feet get cold and I just cuddle up and I'm fine!  I'll be taking it with me on my next trip to the hospital too!  My security blanket for sure!

You might notice Island Chain on the side of the couch - it's finished (the top anyway)!  Yesterday I managed to change a block - not the right one, and put the borders on, thinking I had changed the right one!  I now have a little secret that goes with this quilt and you know what - I don't have to change the block anymore!!!!

Starting to tire so I will say goodnight and I promise to try to keep up with the blog as much as humanly possible!  I do plan on quilting and creating after all so you can't be expected to miss out on all that!

Thank you all for all your support and keep those cards and letters coming LOL

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. Wow, you're right, who knew! You tell Terry and Larry that they're not invited guests and they should evict the premises immediately. I'm praying that all goes well with your treatment. I have yet to meet your friend Libby but she sounds like a wonderful person. I have some quilting for her so I should give her a call. I saw some quilts she did at the local quilt show here and they were just beautiful. Anyway, you take care and next time I'm in TO, I'm going to stop by and see you.