Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is where.....

I'm spending my time these days......doing much needed book work.  Not finding it too bad since the weather has been so irratic....actually getting alot done!  However, I do tire easily so I'm taking it slowly....
 This is where I wish I was spending my time, my little oasis....the back patio!  I'm calling it my "borrowed garden" because so far anything that has been planted has come from friends stopping by for a's wonderful since I really haven't been able to go to the nursery at all this season....This I find rather amusing since I'm literally 2 minutes from Plant World!  Jonathan is also becoming quite the "griller" all time favourite food is anything grilled and he's doing a fabulous job!
 Behind the Hydrangeas is the gate to the patio which we never use....there's an open area behind the house where the kids like to play ball hockey and it seems that when the ball accidentally ends up on the patio they have no problem just walking right in and leaving the gate open.  This should deter that practice somewhat!
 This is my favourite spot, in the Muskoka chair.  I take my hand quilting, binding and piecing out there when it's nice and just enjoy the day......
 It's just the right size patio, there's just enough room for a table too but the one I have has to be repaired and Rich has been really busy the past few weeks but I'm sure he'll get around to it soon......
So there you have my favourite hangouts....actually I love my little office/den.  I'm just finishing painting a whiteboard/bulletin board for the wall and looking for the bottoms for a pine shelf I want Rich to put up.  The curtains are chosen and I want him to install two stained glass shutters I have and hang the ceiling fan.....hmmm, so I guess I have to make a list.....and hope for the best!

I've even set up a TV in there and there's a great comfy chair and a Daylight light so I can do my hand quilting, bindings and piecing in there too!  I can pretty much take it anywhere in the house.  This way Jonathan and I don't fight over what to watch, he also has a habit of channel surfing which drives me crazy - it's a man thing, they are born with a "remote" finger.

So I'm all set for this long (not self inflicted) "vacation"!

Have a great day everyone!


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