Sunday, June 5, 2011

2 down....1 to go!

Last Wednesday I had my second Chemo Session.  Only one more to go!  June 23rd!  I feel like I am almost back in the "land of the living"!  They tell me if you don't go through all the after effects - it's not working.  Let me assure you all - it's working!!!!

I believe that the person who coined the phrase - "Today is the first day of the rest of your life!"  was a chemo patient.  That's exactly what it feels like once you get through all the discomfort and pain.  I won't say it's over but it certainly has subsided to an extent and I am able to function again.

I haven't been able to take much advantage of that back patio yet, the weather just isn't really co-operating but whenever I can I get out there.  One of my closest friends was over last night and I mentioned how useless and unproductive I feel - she put it to me in a way that really opened my eyes.....she said:  "Your body is fighting a war and it's taking all of your physical and mental resources - that's productive and useful!  The fact that you can't sit at the computer and work or at the sewing machine and quilt or even sit and knit is not a sign that nothing is getting done!".

So - I guess I'll stop beating myself up for not getting anything done!  When I get something done I'll consider it a milestone and praise myself accordingly.

Okay - enough of this - I actually feel almost good enough to get something done today so I am off to try that out......

Have a great day everyone!


P.S. I promise pics on the next blog.....will keep you all posted!


  1. way to go Joanne - I will be thinking of you as I do The Ride to CONQUER cancer this weekend.

  2. Your friend is absolutely right, Jo Ann - wish I had said that to you. Your "job" now is to get well - we missed you at Heroes / Quilts of Valour last Saturday. You should see what Andy has done. Amazing stuff. Pat used some bear fabric and finished a top on one session. So - do your best at your new job and we'll see you very soon at "The Doodle".