Friday, June 24, 2011

Where was I????

Okay - so I had the third treatment yesterday and everything went well.  You always walk into the clinic with fingers and toes crossed because you never know if the blood counts are good, etc. so that the treatment will go's always a crap shoot but so far so good!

I also went to see the doctor on Wednesday afternoon and to have my blood tests.  This is the first time I went to see him on my own and it's the first time I actually listened this time.  Looks like I missed out alot on the first meeting, I was worried more about how I was going to tell Jonathan the news so I missed everything that was said and my BFF Mucie has early altzeihmers and hears everything but remembers nothing.

Turns out that there's more to come....the third treatment is the turning point.  Now we have a CT Scan to see if everything is moving in the right direction.  The next decision is the doctors'  - whether to do 3 more chemo treatments now or do the hysterectomy and do the chemo later......all shall be revealed after the CT scan.

In the meantime my plan is to get back to work!  I'm hoping to be in the store on Wednesday this week and then slowly coming back more and more over the next few weeks.  Life has to start getting back to some kind of normalcy and I'm going to try to make that happen.

By the way - the name of the quilt (purple and yellow) is Alaskan Wildflower and is from the book The Big Book of Patchwork by Judy Hopkins - it came in to the store last month and I couldn't resist the's going to be awesome.....

Going comatose for the next two days (they're usually my worst after the treatment) !

Have a great day everyone,


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