Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chaos continued!!!!

It's been a busy few days - Thursday I worked and then went back to the Townhouse to finish cleaning up and getting the rest of the "little" things.  Finished up there around midnight and went home to collapse, had to unpack a few bags to get in the door.  I'm so happy to see the last of all those stairs!!!! 

Yesterday I had the morning to unpack and made a bit of headway then I was off to the store to get some work done there.  It's a juggling act but now that I've got the energy to get things done I feel pretty confident that I can start making things happen.  Came home last night and on the way stopped to pick up a nice salad at Metro - it's less than a block from the new place!  had a lovely dinner and then worked on some stuff for the store.

I've been getting up early the last few days, it's a nice change and I feel like I'm sleeping much better too!  What a fabulous change for me!  So this morning I was able to do a little more unpacking before I left for the store.  The "Healing Heroes" gals were in today and getting loads of stuff done.  I was busy doing a bit of inventory work.

I had a wonderful surprise this afternoon when Barb dropped by with some cool stuff.  She's been doing some organizing at home too and brought loads of fabric for Healing Heroes as well as some cool stuff for me to go through.....

Then Fiona dropped by with the most wonderful gift - a quilted portrait of Gizmo!  I asked her a few months ago if she wouldn't mind doing one and got the photos to her a few weeks ago - she did an amazing (actually 2 amazing) quilts).  When Rich had to have Gizmo put to sleep a few months ago it was devastating for all of us so hopefully he will enjoy the larger of the two quilts.  The Bonus here is - Fiona has agreed to run a class on portraits from huh!!!  She really captured Gizmo's personality in both of the quilts....

 They are both fabulous!
I'm thrilled with both of them (don't recognize the woman in the photo - oops it's me!  The hair threw me off!

Tonight was great - I got alot done and can finally almost see the dining room!!!  I'm getting there, one room at a time.  I'd better get myself to bed....

Have a great day everyone!



  1. I'd be into the class on portraits, if it is held on a weekend!

  2. Put it on your calendar - Saturday March 24th is PORTRAIT DAY!!!!