Monday, January 2, 2012

I have a plan!

Think back to the days of your first move - everything in the back of the car and then a U-Haul for the big stuff!  Well that's us, except in those days we used boxes!  Jonathan and I (with Rich's help for the big stuff) are doing it with Metro bags - you know, the recycleable grocery bags.  Big ones, small ones, medium size.....
Yesterday we moved almost the whole kitchen, leaving just enough stuff so that I could make a Rib Roast with all the trimmings for dinner last night!  It was a wonderful reward for a good day's work.  He even moved the bookcase and the wicker stand which means there's very little left to do in the kitchen.
 Blue bookcase in kitchen in townhouse
 Wicker stand in kitchen in townhouse
 New kitchen - photo taken from dining room
New kitchen - photo taken from living room entrance

I'm more than pleased with what we got done yesterday - the kitchen is always one of the hardest rooms to pack and move....but we were actually able to do it in 3 short trips.  Did I tell you the new place is only two blocks away?!?!  I seriously don't think I could move this way if it was any further.....

So now, I will give you the 5 cent tour.......the kitchen above and below the rest.....
 Front entrance and hallway - front door is in the centre - to the right, living room, etc. and to the left, bedrooms and bathroom
 The bathroom - your typical apartment size!  It's going to be interesting getting used to one bathroom again!
It's been 14 years since I had a place with one bathroom.....
 The living room - you can see a bit of the patio area (we're on the first floor - yeah!)
 The dining room and back door which leads to the patio
 The second bedroom (currently Jonathan's!) which is not a bad size
 The closet in the second bedroom
 The "master" bedroom (mine of course!) which is quite large although from this angle doesn't look it - you know me with the camera - useless!!!!
 The closet in the master bedroom (I am taking the doors off and you will see why once the furniture is in) - the previous tenant left me last year's calendar on the wall!
Last but not least - the hall closet - which is a whole story in itself but will work out just fine

So - the plan today is to finish off what little is left in the kitchen and start on the office/den.  I also need to figure out temporary window coverings for the apartment (the townhouse had blinds in every room so there was nothing to do).  Of course I already have "decorating plans" for the windows but I am on a strict budget and they will have to wait until I have the funds.  I think just some Walmart or Ikea blinds and that will have to do for now.  I was hoping to be able to use the curtains and rods I have from the house but the windows in the apartment are wall to wall so for the moment that plan won't work....

The good news is - most of my furniture is going to fit with no problem.  That was my biggest worry and I am very happy to say - is no longer a concern.....  It's just getting it over there that is a concern now!!!!  

I was hoping to paint first also but that too is going to be put on hold for awhile.   I actually have two gallons of paint which we had bought for the townhouse but when I got sick we stopped the painting, so I just need paint for the bathroom, bedrooms and kitchen but neither Jonathan or I are happy with the "new" paint smell so we will wait until we can open some windows to do any painting.  Besides, it's not in the budget right now, so we will survive until Spring with those "lovely" (ugh!) apartment cream walls.....

Okay - I need to get my act together (I'm hurting so I'm procrastinating) - take another Aleve and get to work on the office/den!  Needless to say - quilting is on the back burner for now....

Have a great day everyone and Happy New Year - it's going to be a GREAT year and you can quote me on that!


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