Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Chaos!!

I couldn't be happier!  Richard, my son Jonathan and his two friends Ian and Dana moved 99% of the Townhouse yesterday to the apartment and I am thrilled because everything FITS!!!!  Well, there was an extra bed, an extra sofa and the TV cabinet didn't come either but those were planned, everything else fit exactly where I thought it would!!!!

 We ate standing up last night to make room for all the "grocery" bags being used to transport stuff, but once those bags are out of the way, everything fits in my dining room.....
 The living room is big enough to accomodate everything that was in the townhouse and the wing chair that was up in the guest bedroom at the townhouse....
 ..from another angle it also accomdates my large antique cabinet now being used to have the TV on as well as my pine desk and the pine storage unit that was in the den/office at the house!
 The kitchen counters have become makeshift storage while we moved the "big" stuff it all came out of....and my stove is now computerized with a built in monitor - NOT - wouldn't that be cool!!!!  Make Spaghetti and Meatballs and it's done by the computer/stove......
 No surface area was spared until I get it all in place....
 Even the floor is covered in the kitchen, but it all has it's place which it will soon find.....
 My red bookcase from the office/den fits perfectly in the front hall, in front of the door - makes me feel scholarly (and we don't actually use the front door to go in and out - we use the patio door!).
 Jonathan's room - still nothing done but in all honesty this picture was taken before they came back to build the bed at 10:30 P.M. when they finished with everything......
 Looking from the other side to the kitchen, my red bookcase......
 My bedroom - has all the furniture in place and I couldn't believe it but I even got the sea chest in which for me was a major bonus!
 By taking the sliding closet doors off, I was able to fit my second dresser into the alcove and the wing chair and hassock leave plenty of walking room.......Hopefully at some point in the near future there will be a curtain up to hide the "stash".....but Rich says he likes it that I have to wake up and look at all my unfinished stuff, maybe I won't start anything new!!!!  Uh-huh!
...and my dresser fits in great along with the little bookshelf for my craft/quilt books that was in the guest bedroom at the townhouse....the little greenmarks are the painters' tape marking the drawers and where they go!

I still have to go back to the townhouse tonight after work to clean and gather up all the little odds and ends the "boys" didn't take with them and there are still a few....I think mostly breakables which have to be packed up and transported carefully!  So that's where I'm off to now but I am SOOOOOO excited to be in the new place, I can't express how happy I am!

Off to clean - have a great day everyone!!!!


P.S.  I'm really hoping to be saying Off to Quilt in a few days!


  1. Good luck moving....and hopefully, you can get to quilting soon.

  2. Thanks - so far so good but the grocery bags are now all over the house lol! Going to have to make a plan - maybe one room at a time, although that doesn't seem to be working. Also replanning all my storing options - but as I said before, happy chaos!

  3. Congratulations Jo-Ann! Take your time settling in!