Friday, July 15, 2011

4 down - 2 to go!

Barb was the designated "friend" for Chemo today and it worked out pretty good.  She had an 11:00 A.M. appointment at Sunnybrook with her doctor and I had to be there bright and early at 8:30 A.M.. 

It was a good day and Barb managed to snap a couple of photos - I wanted you all to see I'm using the quilt!!!!  Because I have what we can now call "Chemo Brain", it took me 4 treatments to figure out that I can actually take my Farmer's Wife with me and work on it - the way I have the binder set up I just have to take out a page per block - DUH!  So here I am.....working away.....
Barb liked this pic better because I'm actually smiling with the double chin!!!!
I told Jonathan that I had become my grandmother.  Every summer she would come to spend a few months with us and as she became older she would fly as "handicapped" so they would drive her on and off the plane with a wheelchair.  We would wait at Arrivals for her to come in and there she would be with one shopping bag on the right and one on the left and one hanging off the back - her purse nestled in her lap.

When I left the house today I swear I looked just like her with the three shopping bags.  One had my purse, the camera and the quilt in it.  Another had a quilt I'm binding, a new project with half square triangles I needed to mark, a number of pages from my Farmer's Wife binder for hand piecing and my book.  Last but not at all least was bag number 3 with my thermos of coffee, my blueberry yogurt with extra blueberries and a banana for breakfast, and some tuna sandwiches for lunch with some cookies for snack..... I think I have this down pat now!  I really don't enjoy the food at the hospital so I've started bringing my own.  Since I'm there from 8:30 A.M. to almost 4:00 P.M. and since I always get a bed - I decided to just check myself into the "hotel chemo"!

I would imagine you won't be hearing much from me for the next few days - it's when the side effects are the worst, so......

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Hey Jo Ann would like to know the next time you are in. I would like to keep you company for a while if that is okay. I am working from 600am to 2pm the next 2 weeks. Would love to applique with you while you stitch your FW.
    Love your quilt it looks very comfy and cozy.