Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm back......

...with the living that is!  Takes a few days after the treatment to get back to normal but had a pretty easy time this time.  Of course, I'm pretty sure it's because after last week's great news I can easily grin and bear it!

I was at the store yesterday, worked from 2 to 8 and then we had Applique Club.  Being the summer, it was Annadele, Laurissa and I and we had a great time.  Laurissa and I were there until 11:30 because Bill, from Nerds on Site was busy fixing the store computer so we had to wait until he was done but it was great fun and I got started on a miniature I had been meaning to do - I'll post a pic later and I even have a couple of tips for this one!

Today I am home, cleaning and cooking!  I hate that it takes me forever when it used to be a quick job but I certainly am taking pride in every little accomplishment.  I need to prepare lunch for Monday which serves 2 purposes!  I will be making one of my favorite recipes and that way I can add it to the Cock A Doodle recipe book that I am compiling!  Kind of like killing two birds with one stone - I hate that saying LOL

I find I have to take a break between each chore so it becomes extremely tedious!  Tomorrow I will be at the store from 11 to 5 and I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm certainly finding more and more energy these days.  Where there's a will there's a way!

I also managed to get a Farmer's Wife block done the other day and started another so I'm actually getting quite a bit done these days......I credit this to knowing that I AM going to beat this thing - right into the ground!!!!!

Have a great day everyone - will try to keep up with all my trials and tribulations, not to mention my creations!


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