Saturday, December 3, 2011

...and what did I do with "them"????

So all those half square triangles are going to become "Trip Back In Time" - do you love it!
It's not actually done yet - it's up on the design wall in pieces!  I was hoping to get the center of the top done (sans borders) but things got a little hectic at the store with Healing Heroes and the Pot Luck (check the Cock A Doodle Blog)!

I need to take it off the design wall because my Sunday group is coming in tomorrow but I will do it in the morning....right now I just get to sit back and admire it!  I know I shouldn't be showing off "patterns" I'm actually planning on publishing but we're also planning on kitting this at the store and this is my personal blog so I feel I can trust you guys to keep this under wraps - it should be done shortly!

I am seriously trying to blog more often but it's hard getting computer time when I'm home except in the morning and as most of you know - I am not a morning person!  By the time I get home at night and I get the computer I usually just feel like collapsing into bed!  I'm "good" tired these days, and getting my energy back more and more with each day.....

My brain is working a mile a minute too and if I could sew as fast as my brain works I would have published at least 4 patterns this week alone!  Oh - how I wish!!!! 

Okay - I have to drive Barb somewhere this evening and then I'm going home to watch the Leafs (hockey)!!!  I'm not sure what my hands will be doing as I'm leaving Sonia (my Janome) at the store until tomorrow but who know, maybe I'll surprise myself and set Bernie (my Bernina - not a very creative name but it's always worked for her!) up and get some long overdue quilting done!  I'll see how I feel when I get home, Lithia Park is also screaming for some attention.......

Have a great day everyone!!!


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