Sunday, December 4, 2011

As usual....

best laid plans!  Being busy in the classroom I needed to take my quilt off the design wall - so using painter's tape, I marked my rows and I am hoping, have everything in order to sew the quilt together.....

I have decided to take Sonia home tonight in order to possibly get some more done on the quilt top, otherwise it will head for the UFO pile and who knows when I'll get that pattern published properly.....ugh!

Last night I got home, turned on the hockey game, watched until Boston scored the 4th goal, then gave up and went upstairs to bed!  I now understand my mom!  She and my dad were in retail for many years and it always used to baffle me why they went to bed so early, I mean, my mom was in bed right after dinner....I always thought it was because she was a morning person!  Now I think it's because she was just plain exhausted like I was last night....

Feeling a bit tired tonight too so I'm going to finish up here and get myself home so I can hopefully get a second wind and get some piecing done!

Nite all - and have a great day!


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