Saturday, December 4, 2010

December 3rd, 2010

Today was supposed to be the Realtors Open House so Jonathan and I had to be out of the house by 11:00 A.M..  That was a minor miracle but it did happen, however it seems that poor Gord and Tanzie ended up sitting on their own for two hours.  They figure it was because it was a Friday.....we can only hope that's the case!

In the meantime I went food shopping because there's going to be alot of cooking in the next few days at the I picked up a few things!  Of course, I forgot the eggs (a key ingredient in the Frittata I wanted to make on Monday).......

Off to the store only to find out that I'm serving 10 for lunch on Sunday too!  Okay, so maybe we'll go back to the grocery store.  Off we traipse, back to the store!  Okay, let's kill two birds with one stone, Jonathan can shop for the house and I'll shop for the store.  That worked......and by that time I could drop him off at home with the groceries while I went back to work!

Healing Heroes (Quilts of Valour) is having their annual Christmas Potluck tomorrow so a list went around for everyone to fill out as to what they were going to bring - next to my name NOT ALLOWED!  Well it took me forever to find the recipe for NOT ALLOWED but in the end you know I found it and here it is..........looks a little like Deviled Eggs doesn't it!

Nancy was working today so she started on the Christmas window and got it almost done.......however, she had a personal dilemma.  She needed a Yule Log for a Christmas party at her sister-in-laws tomorrow and of course was thinking she could just pick it up tonight or tomorrow but her usual place didn't have them, so while she was working on the window I made her a Yule Log (looks more like a chocolate igloo to me)!  Anyway - once she puts her Christmas decorations on it and her personal touches it will look amazing - and hopefully she'll take a picture.....By the way - I now know why they use Sponge Cake rather than regular cake - it's much more flexible!  Live and learn!

 We all know how talented Nancy is and she felt that the NOT ALLOWED should be properly adorned for the Christmas Pot Luck - look what she did with a bit of red pepper and some green onion.......pretty cool huh!

 I'll have you know that we got this all done by 8:00 P.M. and closed on time.....and went home!  This is very unusual for me - usually there's always something left to do!

I have to say I really enjoy coming home these days - the house is clean, the beds are all made (even Jonathan's - very rare) but I miss all my fabric!  It's been nearly a month that my stash and almost all of my quilting projects have been packed away in boxes that reside at the townhouse or in bags that reside at the store.  I only allowed myself the luxury of two projects to work "hand" project and one "machine" project.

The hand project is a pattern that Judith gave me from a magazine - McCall's Quilting - February 2009 and I found the perfect fabrics for it in this quilt store I frequent.....
 Check out the fabrics - I only have to complete another 15 blocks!  One of the reasons I am hand appliqueing this is I wanted to try out the Quilt Patis we sell in the store - some people love them, others prefer paper!  In my case the jury's still out, when they work for me I love them, when they get fiddly I don't!  The problem I DO find is that you can't use an iron with them - no pressing, so that for me is definitely on the CON side!  So far I am loving the way it looks though.....gonna take awhile as I don't get to work on it much!
 Then there's the knitting - which I completely messed up tonight!  I actually finished the scarf I was knitting but didn't leave myself enough yarn to cast off and completely messed it up....will have to find a way to fix it but it can wait for another day!  Enjoyed some TV tonight which is rare for me and now finally am going to call it a night (3:00 A.M.) or a morning......

Tomorrow is going to be a pretty busy day and I have to get lunch prepped for Sunday.  It's also the first of a two day Open House for the public!  Let's keep our fingers crossed that somebody shows up!

Have a great day everyone.....


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