Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays!

My friend Paul dropped by on Tuesday with this gorgeous bouquet of flowers, the only decoration in the house for the holidays and much appreciated!  He took me out for lunch and then I talked him into coming by to see the store!  We don't see each other often so this was his first visit to the "Doodle".  He didn't walk out empty handed either, purchased a purse and a shopping bag for his mom and sister for Christmas!  I know they'll love them...
On Thursday I completed the Winter Newsletter and sent it off to the printer who delivered it on Friday afternoon!  It should be in the mail on Wednesday (since the mailmen are taking a well earned holiday Monday and Tuesday)!  

I also finished Gabriella's quilt in time for Christmas so she could give it to her mother!  However, as much as I'm happy it's done I don't really think I would do it again!  Sonia did a wonderful job (my Janome) but aside from the deadline I faced, I found it very difficult doing that size quilt in flannel on a domestic was truly gruelling.....

On Friday Rich went and picked up my Mettler thread order and left Gizmo with me (she made herself right at home) - we really needed to replenish and I spent a good part of the day processing the order so I didn't close until 5:00 P.M. and was too tired to head for the grocery store so I went home to lie down.  (Could have been because I was up until 3:00 A.M. quilting that quilt!)

 I decided to take some UFO's home to work on!  These were special UFO's....They are charity quilts for Gillian.  A while back Gillian started working on an enormous project, 33 quilts for an orphanage in honour of a young woman who was killed in a car accident.  Alot of the Monday group worked on these quilts but Gillian did most of them.  I had taken on a couple and so had Barb!  Unfortunately they got put aside and misplaced but Friday I came across all of them, and decided it was time to finish that was my mission!

I started quilting this one last spring and I am really happy to have finished it......

Then I decided to make another quilt top - that was in between making a fabulous Turkey dinner for tonight (Saturday) for Jonathan and I.  It was actually a very emotional experience for me....I haven't done any "major" cooking at home since my mother passed away in September!  I've pretty much stayed in denial for the past 3 months, ignoring Sundays and holidays in order not to think about it!  When I started the stuffing this morning - that's when it hit me, she wouldn't be here for dinner!  Jonathan wanted to invite some friends but I just wasn't ready for that yet....however, dinner turned out really good and he had no complaints!  (for a change)
I'm hoping to get another top done tomorrow!  Then I brought home a few more charity projects that I hope to cut and piece too!  Simon of course, is a big help, as you can see......
Actually, I have news about the house!  The offer fell through, they couldn't get their financing (I had a funny feeling that was going to happen) but Tanzie stopped by on Friday to get the mutual release signed and she's very optimistic that it will sell early in the New Year.  In the meantime, I had to laugh this morning, if she walked into my house right now she would go aploplectic......check out my living room!

The quilting has taken over, two machines on the dining room table, cutting tools on the coffee table and the iron and ironing board!  Can't show the house like that!  However, I will only have a few days to enjoy this freedom but I intend to make the most of it!

Simon was kind enough to post the Cock A Doodle blog for me tonight.......

....and now I'm off to bed - tomorrow's another day (of quilting I hope!)!
Have a wonderful Holiday, enjoy family and friends and the joys of the season!


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