Sunday, December 12, 2010


I get too busy to think!  Depending on what's on your mind that can be a good thing!  The past few days I've been too busy to sit down for even a minute.....

I was lucky enough Thursday night to actually get some quilting done!  Friday was our monthly meeting of the Applique Club - there was a great turnout considering it was December.  I made the absolute WORST Macaroni and Cheese that I have ever tasted!  Not often do you get a DUD meal at Cock A Doodle but I have to say, nobody will be asking for this recipe.  Nancy imparted her secret (after the fact) and I will have to try it the next time I attempt to make this recipe but I promise all of you it won't be anytime soon!  I made up for it with dessert, I made the Rocky Road Chocolate Chip Bars so I think I was redeemed.......but never again!

I actually got to sew as well!  I have to say, that is unusual but once in a while I actually get a moment to sit down and stitch!  So that was two nights in a row!  We watched a really cool DVD that Virginia brought, from the Canadian Film Board - will have to get the was an animated Quilt Show - very cool!

Then I went home and cleaned the house (again)!  Yesterday and today were Open House again!  Yesterday I had the joy (not) of waking Jonathan and hustling him off to the store with me.....he hides in the back office but he did help rearrange the classroom after the Friday night Applique Club.  After work I went home, made dinner (poached eggs on toast - comfort food!), cleaned up again and then wasted, I mean wasted, 6 hours playing computer games.......what a colassal waste of time!  

My excuse is - I didn't want to mess up the house!  Libby called around ten and we talked for an hour!  By the end of that hour I was feeling alot better!  She reminded me that when her and Lorenzo were selling their house last Spring - she spent half her time at the store hanging out because her house wasn't "Libby friendly"!  She said, Jo-Ann, your house is not Jo-Ann friendly and she is absolutely right!  

It's really a Catch 22!  I could stay at the store and quilt but again, I have to clean up after myself because of Sit & Sews, and classes, etc....  I could go home and quilt, but I have to clean up after myself because of showings and Open Houses!  Either way I'm just a frustrated quilter......oh well!

It seems there were quite a few people through the house yesterday and today and Tanzie says there were some interested parties although there are no offers as hopefully!  We're all keeping our fingers and toes crossed!  I JUST WANT TO MOVE ALREADY!!!!!

Tonight I'm not sure what I'm doing - maybe quilting, maybe knitting, maybe NOTHING!  I just finished reading The Bourne Objective and went back to my bookshelves to see what I could get into - Jonathan had picked up War and Remembrance the other day and asked me how it was and I said you have to read Winds of War first!  So taking my own advice, last night I took Winds of War to bed with me!  Of course, now I know why I have tendenitis and carpal tunnel - it's 885 pages and I hold it while lying in bed......proof I am crazy!

No pictures tonight - they're all on the other blog I think!

Have a great day everyone!


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