Monday, February 28, 2011

Decisions, decisions!

After a hard day at the office....  (I had to balance the T4's (they're due tomorrow) and make up a lovely meal for tomorrow's Sit & Sew) was Oscar night!

Where was I going to watch the Oscars - tough decision!  I had three choices - 1) I could go look for the "rabbit ears" and set up the TV in the den, that way I could do some book work while watching/listening.... 2) I could watch in the living/dining room and work on my Snowballs and Flakes....or 3) I could go up to my room and watch while working on The Farmer's Wife, snuggled up on the couch in my PJ's.....

I have to tell you - this was an extremely tough decision for me!  In the house I would have been in the living room which would have only given me the option of doing hand work so needless to say I LOVE the new house!  I mean really, three options!

Here's what I did - I compromised!  When I got home around 5:30 P.M. - I made dinner and while dinner was cooking I did some bookwork!  Then I went down to the basement and started doing laundry and also unpacked another box.  I then set myself up in the living room and while watching the Oscars finished my Snowballs and Flakes!  YEAH!  During commercials I ran down and did two more loads of laundry - BONUS!

Then for the last bit - I went upstairs, got into my PJ's and started working on a Farmer's Wife Block - so I really had it all tonight! 

By the way - the house officially closed on Friday February 25th, 2011!  I have never been happier!  To be honest - even with all the stairs at the townhouse, I don't miss the house at all!  A new chapter begins!

Hope you all enjoyed the Oscars - I actually thought it was a pretty good show and I thought that the hosts did a great job although I hear they aren't getting very good reviews.....oh well!

Better get to bed, busy day tomorrow!

Have a great day everyone!


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