Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back again!

Sorry for the long pause between blogs but in this case it was not entirely my doing!  Bell Sympatico is partially to blame here!  My personal blog is usually done on my home computer, late at night, after a long day - however, it seems that our modem at home is giving us major problems and we have not had internet access consistantly for over a week!  That having been said I could have used the store computer but I never seem to be able to find that 1/2 hour and at the end of the day, I'm itching to get home and relax and quilt.

It's also been an eye-opening, busy week for me!  Yes, I sold the house, now comes all the planning!  The move, all the phone calls to utilities, etc., the address just seems to go on and on!  Not to mention the move itself which needs to be timed just right!

The lease on my Pontiac Torrent is up on February 12th and I have decided to turn it in on the 8th.  (This way I don't have to renew my license plate - my birthday is the 9th).  I haven't decided what I'm replacing it with or when so I'm trying to plan the move before the 8th so I at least have the car to do some running around.  I can't actually imagine myself without a vehicle but Rich said he will drive me where I need to go so for the moment we are going to try that.....we'll see how long it lasts!

The other deciding factor in this scenario is that I am having "minor" surgery on February 15th, so I definitely want to be in the new place before that and not facing the daunting task of moving, no less without the vehicle.  The house closes on the 25th, so, once all of that is behind me - I will make the "vehicle" decision......

It's a good thing I have my quilting to take me away from all the pressures of the day!  And so.....after sitting around a few days contemplating lifes ups and downs I got back to it!

Block 31 of Farmer's Wife is done!  I have one more block in my binder that was pre-cut with the templates I had prepared last year before I have to rip apart the store, the house and the townhouse to find those darned templates!  No clue where I hid them!  Of course, they are only plastic and I can make more but "anal" me knows they reside with fabrics I want to use in this quilt so I WILL FIND THEM!

I actually enjoy hand-piecing and this block really came out perfect so I am really pleased!  That's 11 of 111 - only 100 to go!  (100 blocks of the quilt not yet done, 100 blocks of the quilt - sung to 100 bottles of beer on the wall!)

 After completing Block 31 - I headed to the studio and worked on Molly's Meadow!  Wow - it is really coming along.  I have 10 of the applique blocks completely stitched and now they are connected to the checkerboards!  I am working one color at a time with the threads so that is the deciding factor in the assembly - but I'm loving it!  Actually hoping to have the center done this week.....not sure if I'll make that deadline but I am certainly going to try!
 This week is very busy at the store!  We had Baltimore Album last night, tonight is Art Club and tomorrow night is Sit & Sew so I'm at the store late all 3 nights which definitely cuts into my quilting time.....I even made plans to get together with friends on Saturday night so that may also be a factor in completing the center however, there's always Sunday night....

At some point, there needs to be some packing done - hmmm! Definitely not enough hours in the day.....but, we do what we have to do, so I know it will all get done!  Only my quilting suffers - ha, ha!

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. Whatever the surgery is--good wishes for speedy healing and a fast recovery.
    Moving is never fun, but if you can take some things over to the new place a little at a time, it may not seem so daunting--leave the furniture for the professionals (the voice of experience speaks!)
    This is going to be a better year, I can feel it, for some many of my friends on so many levels.Am finally going through my stash and will probably be in to get some "fillings"
    All the best, stay warm and stay strong