Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday January 8, 2011 - Let it snow?!?!

Okay not so much!  But I will not complain about the weather, we are not under water or being ravaged by tornados or mudslides or any of the other weather phenomenon happening in other parts of the world so we can live quite amicably with a little snow.......However, it's always that first one of the year that gets you!

I was contemplating calling this a "blizzard" this morning and not opening the store but alas, even though the following picture gave me a moment of pause - I knew in my heart that I would be disappointing the masses (okay just the quilting masses) if I didn't open the store and I was right! 
So I get to the store and it didn't look much better over there, I guess the property management didn't realize that it snowed or they might have sent a plow! 
Well, I have a secret weapon - I call him Rich and he came with the snow blower and dug us out of the hole at least.......bless him! 
 It was a good thing because there was a lovely couple waiting to get into the store before they drove home to Ottawa and they were really happy that I decided to fight the weather too!

The only problem was that my knee and my back were acting up all day so at 6:00 P.M. I packed it in (rather quickly I might add) and went home to bed where I promptly fell asleep for 5 hours - now I'm still in pain but wide awake!  With the weather the way it was we cancelled the Open House today but it will certainly be on for tomorrow so we're crossing fingers and toes again!

Thought I would share this photo taken yesterday afternoon!  This is Simon asking to come back in - kinda gives "peeping Tom" a whole new meaning!  Look closely between the house and the tree......
Doesn't look like I'm going to be doing any quilting tonight either - that's two days and I'm getting a bit antsy so I'll definitely have to get down to the studio tomorrow.......

Hope you all have a great day!


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