Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back on track......

It was quite an ordeal trying to get all of the errands I needed to do done today.  First, we got a call from Remax that someone wants to see the house today so Jonathan, Rich and I got busy and in one hour we had the house spotless!  It was so cool!  I mean, it has NEVER taken me as little as one hour to clean my house, even with help! 

Then, I dropped in at the License Bureau to get something today only to find the line up was out the door.....saving it for another day.....

I made it just in time to the bank before the mad rush!  I was at the teller and when I turned around the line was 12 deep.....so at least that got done!

I also picked up a painting at ...Of Things Past which had been there for awhile.  When I cleaned out mom's apartment, Jonathan talked me into selling a painting which my aunt had painted many years ago.  Unfortunately they (Of Things Past) only thought it was worth $500.00 so I did the math and decided it was worth way more emotionally to me!  You will get a look at it once it's up on the wall at the new place!  (The red!?!?! wall - possibly!) 

I had a chauffeur today for all my errands.  Rich drove and I erranded!!! It was nice to have company....and we stopped at home for a quick dinner of warmed up chinese food!  Then off to the townhouse to drop the painting, the rent cheque and pick up mail!  Then finally - home!

I was exhausted and seriously contemplated heading straight for bed (it was 7:00 P.M.) but a dose of coffee and a seriously high pile of laundry headed me in a different direction and I am so glad it did!

Down I went to the laundry room and got two loads of laundry underway......(it's still spotless!)

Then I headed for the studio where Rich has installed another set of "rabbit ears" so I can watch TV, and I set up Molly's Meadow.....I have work stations!

The pressing station.......
 The blocks done station.......(and it all packs up into the plastic box when I want to move it!)
 The sewing station..........actually I have two of those, the other one is for Country Haven!  I am of the belief that you should use the same machine to piece a project!  So Country Haven will be completed on my Janome Gem while Molly's Meadow belongs to "Sonia" (my Janome 6260)......
...and finally the cutting station........which is also where I am preparing the applique blocks..... 
So while I quilted I got to watch Bones, Pillars of the Earth and Flashpoint!  I am very excited about Pillars of the Earth as I have read it twice, so far it's true to the book, I hope it continues that way - and great actors! 

How far did I get?!?!  The alternate applique blocks are done to row 6 of 7 - the checkerboard blocks are now all cut and ready to be pieced.  Actually I will have a total of 38 blocks and I only need 25 but maybe I will piece the back or use the extra checkerboard blocks to make another project!?!  So I'm back on track! ....and the pool table got a workout tonight to!  Jonathan and his friend Frazier singing and shooting pool!  What joy!

Since I'm still waiting for the dryer to finish, I may just go down and do a little more tonight but hopefully my meeting tomorrow night won't run to long and I can get back to what I want to be doing....oh and those people who wanted to see the house today are coming tomorrow afternoon after all the rush!  Oh well, fingers crossed!  (Could be they are the same people from last week?!?!)

That was my day, hope everyone has a great day too!


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