Saturday, January 29, 2011

The countdown begins.........

Only 4 days until MOVING DAY!  Am I packed?  No!  Will I be?  Hmmm, there's a good question.....  For all intents and purposes the house doesn't actually close until Feb 25th so I have some time but with everything else that's going on, the aim is to get out and be done with it......just a quick cleaning after we've left and that's it!

If you don't hear from me for a few days, at least you'll know why!!!!  Yesterday I packed up the studio - insomuch as I put everything in bags, packed up the machines, organized the current projects and moved them all to the store for safekeeping!  This way I will know where I can put my hands on a project I want to work on - not worrying about anything getting misplaced in the confusion of the move!

I did it!....or have I said that already!  Laurissa's quilt is done!  I can see again!  What's sad is you can feel the quilting but you really can't see it!  Doesn't matter, it is done and that's what counts......
Last night was Applique Club at the store!  Nancy was going to throw me out because I wasn't appliqueing, I was hand piecing but the girls voted and said I could stay.  I was working on my Farmer's Wife - I now have 12 blocks done.....and I love how precise they come out when I hand piece them......"99 blocks in the quilt to go, 99 blocks to go......"
This is block #34 - Flock - a little more fiddly but easily put together........
I still haven't found all the templates that I had cut but right now I'd say that isn't on my priority list.  I'm sure they're with another box of fabrics at the new house and after Wedenesday I can search at my leisure.  I am so looking forward to "unpacking"!  I haven't been able to fondle my fabrics since October - I'm having withdrawal symptoms!!!!!  I also need to amass all of my blues so I can get started on my Welcome to the North Pole which is due in 3 weeks!  We all know how quickly time flies when there's a deadline involved!

At any rate I don't think I'll be getting much quilting done in the next 4 days so I'll have to find something else to relax me.....tonight will entail packing, packing and more packing, maybe some laundry!?!?!

Will keep you all posted, in the meantime - have a wonderful, productive day!


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