Thursday, January 6, 2011

Only one photo.....

.....tonight!  All my checkerboard blocks are done - YEAH! and now I am doing a blanket stitch around the applique on the alternate blocks.....
I was originally going to do this with invisible thread but then I decided I liked the look of matching threads better so that is the plan.....however, I am finding that the Soft Fuse is not strong enough to just stitch around the applique by machine.  Barb suggested that I try Totally Stable so I have put the project to bed for tonight and will try that tomorrow....thanks again Barb!  She knows everything - an encyclopedia of quilting - she should write a book!  Seriously!!!!

Got an e-mail today from my friend Laurissa who I am going to take behind the store and shoot!!!!!  Check this out and you will see why!  Just another project to start......what a brat!  She knew I wouldn't be able to resist this one!
I am going to put this blog on my list of favourites and it seems there's going to be a new block each week, so, maybe I can keep up - I mean what's one block a week!  Really (until you get behind 3 or 4 weeks!?!?!).

Okay, gonna call it a night and head for bed early for a change....

Hope everyone has a great day!


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