Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back in the bowl......

I got home and had some fun quilting.....but then realized, even though I was really on a roll, that I had to go back into the "fish bowl"!

So, I have enlisted Jonathan to move some quilting stuff down to my studio and out to the car and here we are back again!

I think the coolest part of this exercise was that it took less than half an hour to get it all back in order!  I am fighting it, but I feel a resolution coming, it would be so cool to have the new place set up so that I could do that!  I think I know the secret too!  I was only working on one "major" project, so it was a snap to put it all away in my plastic container and have it moved AND it will also be really easy to pull it out tomorrow night in the studio and keep working on it.....this could become a HABIT! 

The kitchen is going to take a bit longer since we've been cooking and I really need to give the floor a good wash but no more than an hour!  The bedrooms are already done and I just have to go over the bathrooms......this is just too cool!

Well I better get going, I just hope it pays off really soon.....

Have a great day everyone!


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